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Is Cloud Based Web Hosting Right for your Blog?

Cloud HostingA little over a year ago, during a high traffic spike, without notice, my web hosting company suspended my account.  When I contacted them to find out what the problem was – they told me my site had used too many resources.

I was confused – what happened to the “unlimited” hosting they had promised?

They sent me their Terms and Conditions statement with a highlighted portion that said that they reserved the right to terminate accounts that used a higher percentage of resources – in other words – it wasn’t unlimited at all!

To this day, I shake my head – they must’ve had a really creative lawyer draft that document.  For a while, I wondered if it might be worth getting a creative lawyer of my own who could dig up some evidence of “bait and switch” – but I had too much going on at the time to pursue it and later discovered that most web hosts have the same kinds of terms.

Since then, I’ve moved to and from a few different hosting companies.  I couldn’t justify the expense of a dedicated host, so that wasn’t an option to begin with.  I moved to a VPS, which was frustrating because tech support was minimal.  I couldn’t even get help transferring my large files!  I was forced to learn how to use SHELL… did you hear me?! I had to learn SHELL, I say! I was traumatized!

Eventually, my blog began overloading the servers there, so another move was in site, but where to?

At the time, I didn’t know very much about cloud based web hosting, but recently, I’ve gotten curious and decided to do some research.

What is cloud based web hosting?

It’s actually really cool!  Rather than using one server to host your blog’s files and software, the cloud uses a balanced combination of servers, spreading your blog’s resources evenly among them.  If you need more resources during a high traffic surge, you can log in and immediately make adjustments.  When you no longer need those resources you can readjust your settings.  In a way, it becomes unlimited web hosting in the sense that you have access to as many servers as you need.  Not all web hosts offer cloud based hosting.  Some charge extra when you pull in extra resources.

Recently, I ran across a site that is offering cloud based web hosting at a very affordable cost.  Optimal Hosting is running a six-months free special, so if nothing else, here’s a chance to check it out and see if it’s right for your blog.

If you’re thinking of starting a new blog and haven’t decided on a domain name yet, Optimal Hosting also offers a domain name checker that will help you choose the right URL for your blog.

So if you’ve been confused about where to go after your shared hosting has failed you, here’s a site that just might work for you.