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Insane Traffic Generation Challenge

This week’s challenge is going to have each contestant focus on generating an insane amount of traffic to their blog posts.

Insane Traffic Generation Challenge 
Team member with the most points wins immunity!

This week’s tasks:

  1. Produce at least 2 post on the TheNextGoal blog.  (20 Points per post)
  2. Get as much traffic to this week’s blogs posts as possible.  (2 Points per unique page view – this week’s posts only.)

Tips for getting traffic from various sources:

This week’s tips are provided by Ana Hoffman of TrafficGenerationCafe.com - she’s known for generating insane amounts of blog traffic.

She made 3 brief videos on 3 different traffic generation strategies.

Here are the links:

Video 1: (Not your “same old”) Twitter Traffic

Blog posts mentioned:
Promote your Blog

Video 2: (Not your “same old”) Blog Commenting

Blog posts mentioned:
7 Tips to Make Your Comment Stick out Like a Sore Thumb 

Video 3: (Not your “same old”) Article Marketing Traffic

Blog posts mentioned:

Steve Jobs + 15 minutes work + 5 days = 19215 clicks

Deadline:  Friday, December 2, 2011 – 6 pm EST.

So who do you think will end up on top this week?