I’m a Fat Blogger and I Know it! Wait! What?

Sedentary Lifestyle: Obesity and ComputersThis is about weight loss. But hold on, don’t run away!

I’m not here to provide you with a set of before-and-after pictures and then try to sell you my magic-pill. This is about some genuine things you can do that will surely bring positive results.

But first, what a strange angle on blogging, right? Well, not that strange, actually. Just imagine, bloggers tend to spend most of their day sitting in front of a computer screen. The only exercise they get is moving their fingers around the keyboard, and often taking part in a very popular diet program called E.W.H.M. (Eat Whatever and Hope for a Miracle).

You can try fooling yourself, but the truth is that if you don’t do something about your lifestyle soon, getting fat will (not canWILL) catch you sooner or later.


We’ll get to blogging-specific advice in a minute, I promise. But in the meantime …

I want to tackle this first because it’s the most overused word in the working out and weight loss niche. “Ya need motivation.” Yea, right. Like you can find it just like that and keep it till the end of time… I’m afraid life is more difficult than that.

Forget about motivation.

You’ve been motivated since the day you were born. The only problem is that you think paying attention to things like exercising and proper eating is boring, just like I did.

Instead of searching for motivation I advise creating a habit.

A habit is something that sits inside you and forces you to do things in a certain way. It’s a lot easier to create a habit and then stick to it naturally, than to manufacture some motivation every time you’re supposed to do something.

Now, new habits are tough, especially during the first 30 days. So the only thing I’m asking you is to give yourself at least 30 days to try a given technique out before calling it quits. Even if you have to force yourself, do it.

Some of the following advice is a one-off thing, but the rest requires ongoing “work,” and this is where habits come into play.

Get a standing desk

For me, the single biggest problem with working as a blogger (or writer) is the seated position.

I’m no doctor, but even I know that sitting for 4 to 10 hours straight is no good for your health.

The worst thing is that sitting doesn’t hurt, so it’s hard to get a grasp on the moment when you should get up. For example, if you’re a runner then you know that after 30 minutes of constant effort you’re pretty much exhausted and need to stop, right? Not the case with sitting.

That’s why I decided to eliminate the seated position completely from my work schedule, hence the standing desk.

What’s important is the idea itself, not the execution, so I won’t explain how to actually get a standing desk. For that, feel free to visit my other post on how to set up a standing desk.

Contrary to what you might think, it’s actually very cheap. I got mine for about $110. I live in Poland, though, so yours might be up to two times more expensive.

The main benefit of using a standing desk is that it keeps you from working for more than an hour and a half at a time. You simply need to take a break if you want to be able to make it.

Also, standing makes your back stronger, burns your fat (just a little bit of it), and improves your posture. After a while, you’ll feel very comfortable standing anywhere. All sorts of queues will stop being a problem.

Start your day with a simple warm-up

Yea, I know that the idea is basic, and that I’m not the first person mentioning it, but remember about the habits I discussed above. Just give yourself 30 days to try this out.

Now, what’s the whole idea of warming up? It’s no mystery that any sort of physical exercise is the best way possible to keep you awake (for me, it’s even better than coffee). And there’s nothing worse in the morning than not waking up completely. You know, the moment when you’re just kind of wandering around the place for an hour or two with no purpose.

If you do warm up, you’re ready for the rest of the day right away.

Not to mention that you’re obviously getting your body working and burning fat, which is the whole idea.

I’m a lazy person, so check out this simple warm-up video by Steve from NerdFitness.com:

[YouTube embed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFgu-tNAYgE]

(If you don’t like to do jump rope you can go ahead and do two times more jumping jacks instead.)

Eat a high protein breakfast

(Just to make things clear, all of this happens before you go to work. Don’t even think about turning on your computer at this point.)

Protein is the ultimate friend of everyone who wants to lose weight.

Not to get into the boring details let me just list some protein-heavy foods: eggs, chicken, fish (top fish: tuna), meat in general, cottage cheese, legumes.

Some foods that are not high on protein: pancakes, bread (all kinds of it), potatoes, jelly, chocolate, McDonald’s, pizza, spaghetti.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you manage to make it healthy, you’ll feel significantly better throughout the rest of the day.

Moreover, starting with protein in the morning helps you to burn fat = lose weight.

My personal favorite breakfast: two eggs (whole), and a crap load of vegetables. I eat until I’m full.

Try not to snack

I’m saying try because I know how tough it is.

But let’s take it from the top. You surely know that snacking is not good for you. Chocolate, chips, Kit Kats, this is surely not on top of your dietitian’s to-eat list. But the temptation can get brutal at some times.

One way to deal with it is to have strong will power. If that’s you then congrats! The other way is to snack smart. Just because you’re craving a piece of chocolate doesn’t mean that it absolutely has to be chocolate.

Try to snack only on a small range of okay-foods. For instance, you can grab whatever vegetable you want, and most fruits. They will satisfy your cravings just as good as chocolate, and they bring none of the negative effects. You can also grab some pistachios or other nuts.

For me, a carrot is the best possible snack (it keeps you occupied for a moment, it’s tasty and incredibly good for you).

Oh, and one more thing. No high-sugar drinks! This is the quiet killer! Say goodbye to regular Coca Cola, and other similar things. Instead, try different kinds of hot and cold tea, water, or sugar-free soft drinks.

Leave your desk and work out

This is pretty basic, so I’m sure I don’t need to explain why working out is a nice habit to create. But I do want to advise a couple of things. If you’re a work-at-home blogger, you can be pretty flexible with your workout hours. Simply pick a time of the day when your local gym is the least crowded.

Or you can invest in some in-house equipment and don’t even go anywhere.

Staying in shape really doesn’t require much effort. Remember that you’re not training for the Olympics, you just want to remain a healthy human being, so working out for 30 minutes 3 times a week will be more than enough.

You can start with a beginner’s training of some sort, and don’t pay attention to all the professional athletes that you are sure to encounter at the gym. The other path is to try out a specialized training like the TRX training (learn more) designed by a former Navy Seal, Randy Hetrick.

Don’t work at night

This is a tricky one. The main reason why you shouldn’t work at night is because it’ll force you to also eat at night. And this is the first step to gaining more weight.

The thing is that if you eat your last meal at, let’s say, 8pm and then spend a couple of hours doing stuff until you finally go to sleep at around 11pm then all is fine. But if you end up working for another five hours after that 8pm meal then you’ll inevitably get hungry again … and you’ll snack after midnight – the absolute worst thing you can do.

I guess I’ll leave you with this set of tips for now. I hope they’ll come handy during your everyday blogging life. Feel free to let me know what you think, and tell me what’s your current approach at keeping your blogging career from making you fat.

This post was written by Karol, who teaches others how to save on the popular Flex Belt, and discusses the basics of TRX training. He contributes articles on fitness training, working out, and losing weight in general. He also enjoys writing occasionally for WeightLossTriumph and other weight loss and fitness blogs. He is a fan of healthy living and being in shape no matter what.

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