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I go through phases where I slip into OCD mode over SEO and then that’s usually followed by weeks of dropping the ball and total lazing out.  Eventually, I end up paying for it as I watch stats decrease and rankings drop and then that pushes me back into OCD phase all over again.

Part of my problem, is that I prefer a more natural approach to SEO and I think readers probably appreciate that, but when I actually take the time to really focus on it, I come to realize that it’s simple word choices that make all the difference.  Making wise keyword choices doesn’t decrease quality it actually increases the chances that readers will see the quality article.

When I go back and edit content, that’s when I find that I could’ve said, “increase blog traffic” instead of “get more blog traffic” because the former has a higher search volume than the latter.  Sometimes, it’s just a matter of adding the keyword phrase to my H2 tags once or twice.

When I know what to look for and what to fix, optimizing content is actually a simple process that doesn’t have to disrupt the flow of content.

With practice eventually optimization becomes something you do automatically, but until it does, it’s probably best to use SEO tools and software to guide you through the process.  I’ve found that using seo tools helps me be more conscious about optimization.  My problem is that I’m so busy that it’s easy to forget things, so it helps to have a checklist or a guide to make sure I’m not leaving anything out and overlooking simple changes.

WebMeUp Makes SEO Simple

I recently had the privilege of trying out WebMeUp, an all-in-one online SEO software program  – a website that provides SEO and whole site analyses.  It’s a total site analyzer that can reveal simple ways to improve your ranking and improve your search engine optimization.  My goal this year is to really improve WeBlogBetter and I know that there are many things that I need to work on – but how could I possibly know where to start?

Thankfully this site made it easy.  It did all the digging for me and uncovered problems it would’ve taken forever to find – it identified all of the broken links (a major rank drainer) and showed me where my optimization is weak.

With WebMeUp, users can:

  • discover keywords and check rankings
  • check  ranking factors (e.g. Google PR, Alexa rank, number of pages indexed in different search engines, social media mentions and a lot more)
  • optimize site structure and encoding, do on page optimization for the content of landing pages
  • find backlinks, rankings, ranking factors and other info on your competitors
  • find and manage your own backlinks
  • Visit WebMeUp for a full list of features

online seo software

A favorite feature of mine:  The KEI column – it helps you identify keywords that are more likely to generate an income by revealing the KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index) of particular phrases.   After one look, I realized that many of the keywords that I often target aren’t really all that profitable.  That’s not really a huge problem for me, but I know there are many bloggers and small business owners out there who really need help with this.  So I thought this feature was a huge plus.

Another feature I really appreciate is the page optimization analyzer.  I’ve never seen it broken down into this level of specificity.  It goes as far as to tell you which words to bold, which to italicize and how many times to use the keyword in your H-tags and in the body.  This makes it simple and easy to identify areas that need improvement.

Take a look at the screenshot below get a feel for what I’m talking about:


As you can see this page that I thought was almost ready to go actually needs a great deal of work if I want it to rank well for my chosen keywords.

WebMeUp offers a wealth of other helpful features that I don’t have time to list here, but lucky for you, they are offering a free 15-day trial, and you can go and find out what this site can do for yourself.

I like the easy-to-navigate functionality and the helpful community discussions board.  If you’re serious about improving your blog this year, this is definitely a tool you’ll want to check out.  It really does make SEO simple.


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