How to Influence People to Get What You Want

Online business needs lot of efforts and consistent hardwork to generate decent income. There’s nothing like get-rich-quick scheme, you should be working hard to reach your goals.

You need to influence others to stand out from the remaining crowd. You really can’t do anything in online, if you can’t motivate, educate others.

Do you know one secret that can make anyone to buy your products??

It is…

..educating the people about your products.

How can anyone buy your stuff if they don’t have any idea of what you’re selling?

So you must be educating your audience before making them to purchase your products.

Okay lets get to the point now. There are CERTAIN rules you can apply to influence others to get what you want. I don’t say these are sure fire tips to succeed, but they’ll certainly help you to create some impact on others.

4 ways to influence others to get what you want

Build a great network around your blog

No one will interested to read your stuff when you’ve no active community running on your blog. Blog comments, social media interaction are the best ways to build a thriving network around your blog. Because it will work as a great social proof for your blog and it will help you create a quick impact on the first time visitors to take some action.

Don’t post generic contents, always make sure you’ve something to say with your audience. Try to add immense value to your blog posts and to you readers. This can help you build a better business in the long run. Yes, building a better blog/business takes time, and it worth every minute. It will also help you influence others and make someone actually listen to your words to buy your stuff or linking to your products.

Try to be an expert in your field (or be master at ONE field)

Do you listen to you an expert or a novice blogger when you’ve any problem related to blogging or online business? Obviously expert advice, right?

Try to become a master in your field. I’m not at all suggesting you to become master of all trades, but make sure you’re master at at least one field.  It’s how you can influence people to get what you want, it’s how you can make great impact on others.

Spend quality time on learning the best stuff related to your niche, share your views with others, discuss your problems and notice the pattern how your competitors are growing and find the holes to fill them up on your blogs to build larger audience. You’ve to be unique to create great impact.

Don’t share random stuff on social media sites

Make sure you’re sharing something that’s really helpful for your business. What kinda things do you expect from Facebook fans if you often fill your Facebook pages with jokes and all? Always ask yourself this question before you sharing anything on social media sites.

Will it add any value to my audience??

If yes.. go ahead.

Don’t be a go getter

Most of the online marketers, bloggers will think – it’s better to be a go-getter. What happens when you become a go getter?

You simply don’t deserve others noticing you. You always worry ONLY about yourself. And that’s the worst way to handle any online business.

You should also be thinking about others. In fact, you should ONLY be thinking about others.

You should become a go-giver instead of go-getter.

You can bring more people attention to your blog/business, when you

  • Add value to your posts
  • Share others stuff
  • Promote their products
  • Help them grow their business

This is how you can actually create great impact on others.

So what are your views about influencing others to get what you want?


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