How to Develop a Distinct Writing Style as Blogger

WritingEveryone around has a blog these days. So, quite expectedly, competition has stiffened a lot in the past few years and newbie bloggers now have to work really hard to shine as a successful blogger.

But churning out the same old articles in different formats and style is not going to work anymore, since the same policy has been adopted by scores of other bloggers.

So, with this tactic you are highly unlikely to cut any creative ice with your audience. The only option available is to develop a distinct writing style that acts as a signature quality for your blog. But this is easier said than done. To make your task easier, here we are going to share some tips that may help you develop a unique writing style:

Use Metaphors and Similes:

Use of metaphors and similes are a great way to make people engaged to your content. By using them, a complex subject can be explained in a relatively layman’s term. It is like helping people come to term with a new concept by casting the new concept in a concept that they are already familiar with. But use of metaphors demands a certain level of authority on language and if you feel that you have the authority, you can easily develop a unique writing style which is unlikely to be copied by a new entrant.

Add Fun:

By adding some fun elements in to your writing, you will be able to develop a completely new writing style. However, you do not need to stick to fun only, you can add some elements of pun, satire, irony etc and each of them has their distinct flavor, which will help you further enrich your writing style. However, an over dose of humor and other similar elements might turn out to be disaster. People like to come across funny elements while reading a blog post, but there is no need to spoil the broth by overdoing things.

Be Succinct:

People do not have much time go through a long and boring article. So, rather than scaring people with a 5000 words article, you should try to sum things up in 350 words short articles without rubbing on a particular point unnecessarily. Try to keep points short, simple and do not elaborate things unless it is necessarily. If you can manage to follow these simple suggestions, you will be able to develop a unique writing style for sure.

Read, read and Read:

Try to read as many novels, magazines and journals as possible. Follow their writing style and slowly, you will be able to develop a completely new style. Reading others article will have an overpowering effect on your writing style without yours being aware of it. So, keep reading and a new writing style will be in the making that will definitely have a positive impact on your blogging career.


Yes, this is something you are habituated with. You must proofread not to find out errors but to find out whether a particular sentence looks ordinary or needs to be spruced up or pruned a little bit. With these kinds of minor tweaks, you will be able to develop a truly unique writing style.

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