How to Create Great Impact On Other Bloggers and Establish An Authority?

What if you get tons of comments, shares, product sales on your blogs?

How great would it be for you if everyone is talking about you and your blog?

Want to know what it makes to create a great impact on other bloggers?

Solve your readers problems and differentiate yourself

If you want to gain loyal readers for your blog, make sure you’re focusing on solving their problems. One of the best tips to make any blog successful is this.

Try to find out the major problems in your niche by understanding your audience frustrations and needs, solve them on your blog by writing in-depth articles.

This way you’ll gain more impact even on the first time visitors, and go where people are gathering online. Use social media sites like twitter, Facebook, Google+ to find out what actually they are looking for.

Connections are everything

Seriously, connections are everything in blogging. You can’t simply make your blog success by having great contents on your blog.

No matter how great writer or Internet marketer you’re, you must be having great relationships with the influencers in your niche to make your products, blog posts and ideas go viral.

When you’ve more online visibility, no doubt your posts and ideas will get shared all over the blogosphere in no time, thus giving more reputation to increase your brand.

So, try to engage with those people who’re REALLY making a buzz online. Remember, top bloggers are always busy, you shouldn’t expect their response for your first tweet itself, keep on trying, buy their products and promote their stuff. Soon they’ll respond and listen to you!

Plan ahead

Write emergency posts.

If you’re extremely busy, these emergency posts can be scheduled to keep your blog ticking. But, make your emergency posts laser focused and useful, spend quality time to create and craft them.

If you’re not a fulltime blogger or Internet marketer, you should be considering hiring a writer, editor for your blogs to make it successful. After all, time and resources are very much essential in online business, agree?

So, plan ahead, know your budget, spend your money on online businesses wisely to produce great results in the long run.

Make other bloggers think with your content

If you want to create great impact on others and establish yourself as an authority, your content should be the key factor.

Make other bloggers think with your contents.

Take time.

Breathe immense value into your blog posts.

Add as much as MEAT into your content to make it go viral.

And repeat the process.

First impressions count a lot

Keep your focus on improving the design of your blog.

Design of a website plays a vital role in deciding whether or not to spend time on it. When someone lands on your blog, they’ll quickly decide whether or not to spend their time by just looking at the design elements of your blog.

If your design grabs their attention, they’ll spend more time on it to know more. So, keep your design in such a way that it’ll attract others in their first visit itself.

Increase your font size or change your typography, make little design tweaks, add/remove widgets on your sidebar, and test everything to get most out of your blog design.

Over to you:

Let me know if you’ve any more tips to create great impact on other bloggers, I would be glad to know your views in the comment section.


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