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How to Comment on Blogs (And Make It Worth Your Time)

print-designer-learning-web-design-3This is post #20 in the WBB Guest Posting Contest! If you like it, please leave a comment and share this post :)

Commenting on other people’s blogs is a fantastic way to get direct quality traffic, draw the attention of other bloggers, and intelligently network with new friends and fans.

But only if you do it well. And, unfortunately, many writers get it wrong.

You can’t expect to leave a ding-dong-ditch ‘em disposable type comment and reap any benefit. At best, you will get a few curiosity clicks from quickly passing traffic.

These are worth approximately nothing.

Yet if you take the time to leave intelligent comments, or contribute meaning to the community, you can establish a relationship that leads others to your home base where you can nurture the relationship, eventually adding new regular readers and fan to your list.

Follow these three rules to mine the most benefit from every comment you drop:

1)  Be a gracious guest. Don’t dive into the comments with drivel such as, “Great post!” It clearly shows you didn’t read the post or that you skimmed it, at best. Even worse, it shows that you don’t care or are disingenuous. Just like refusing to look someone in the eye when speaking to them, this behavior is rude. Read the post and make a comment or don’t make a comment at all, but don’t be insulting. And never, ever be in a rush to make the first comment. Yes, the top comment will get more click-throughs, but not from the type of traffic that matters.

2)  Be a part of the conversation. Don’t hijack the dialogue or start a comment by spouting your own nonsense. Absorb what others before you are saying and contribute where possible. If you have your own thoughts, add them. But don’t be argumentative for the sake of getting attention. It’s bad form and rarely carries any positive result.

3)  Be cool. Imagine you’re in a coffee shop and you’re talking with a friend about digital cameras. From nowhere, the guy next to you slides his chair over, slams his hand on your table and says, “Hey, I’ve got some ink toner. You’re going to love this ink toner; it’s 30% off!” You’d look at him like he had three heads and two of them were turning purple! But if the guy tip-toed over and said, “You know, I heard you talking about cameras. There’s this great camera place down the street and I just heard they’re having 30% off all digital cameras for the next week,” you would be much more receptive to what he’s saying because it’s in direct alignment with the conversation you’re already having. Take the time to observe; it makes all the difference.

All three of the above suggestions are common sense manners, but they can go an awful long way in the comments section.

Follow common etiquette and you can make every comment worth your time.