How to Build Genuine Relationships With Other Bloggers in 3 Easy Steps

If there’s one tip to succeed online, it is this: build great connections.

No matter how great your content is, there’s no use when no one notices it. You can bring more visibility to your blog ONLY when you have great connections with other bloggers.

Most new bloggers do this wrong. They always start creating content.  Then they promote their stuff and blame Google if they don’t see any spike traffic. They often forget the crucial phase: the networking phase.

Without having healthy relationships with other bloggers, why would anyone care about a new blogger?

So, try to build a great network around your blog. Use the following tips to build genuine relationships with other bloggers.

3 Unique Ways to Build Genuine Relationships With Others

Step 1: It’s about them – not about you

Successful blogging is a win/win approach. No one has survived in blogosphere without taking others help, agree?

So, there are few certain things you should do to build genuine relationships with other bloggers.

Remember this point: It’s all about them (readers, other bloggers, fans/followers ) – NOT about you!

Show you genuinely care. Spend your online time productively. Why would anyone show interest in you – if you always only talk about yourself?

You get what you give: This is another interesting aspect to build genuine relationships with other bloggers – give before you ask. Why would anyone link to you when you don’t link to anyone else?

Why would anyone guest post on your blog if it has no credibility?

Try to improve this quality. Help others to achieve their goals – this is the best way to achieve your own goals! Generally, online people love to show  interest and respect towards others when they get to read quality content. When you’re networking with other bloggers, make sure you’re doing some favors to help others achieve their blogging goals.

Step 2: Flirt without them knowing

Don’t sound like a company – be humorous:  Your writing is what makes you stand out from the crowd. If your writing is generic – no one will notice you, simple as that. Always work hard to hone your writing skills and improve your writing tone. Be humorous, cut some jokes often to engage with others – but don’t go overboard. Make sure you’re not crossing the limits, don’t talk about their personal life in ANY case. Every blogger loves some privacy, so don’t cross the limits.

Don’t be a hero let the other person be a hero: Most of the people do this wrong. They always try to be a online hero, they always want to take the full credit. What happens when you try to become a hero?

Answer is simple… no one cares! It’s the sad truth.


When you’re always talking about yourself, your goals and your achievements – people will get frustrated, and they may ignore you completely.

So,.. what else can you do, then?

Let other bloggers be the hero.

Step 3: Become a valuable blogger in your niche

How does this help you build genuine relationships with other bloggers?

The point is simple:  Other bloggers will be interested in connecting with you when you have great:

  • Connections with the influencers
  • Social media fans/followers
  • Thoughtful comments on your blog posts or
  • When there’s always a buzz going around you online

Don’t you love to connect with a blogger who has a good online reputation?

How can you become a valuable blogger, then?

Write great content: This is a no brainer. Other bloggers will show interest in you or your blog, when you have quality content. Don’t write generic posts that can be easily ignored in the crowded niche, take some time to produce high quality articles.

Be consistent with your posting frequency: This is REALLY tough especially when you’re just starting out. There’s no proper blogging rule about posting frequency. It depends on your interest, audience and/or niche. What I personally believe is: the more consistent you’re – the more you’ll get whether be it following, traffic, leads or sales.

Promote other people’s content: This is one of the best insider tips. Have you observed that top bloggers in your niche connectoften with each other by linking to their blog posts, products or membership sites? Why would they do this when they already have huge following? The logic is simple, no matter how large your audience is, you always need more people to notice you. When you’re helping other bloggers to achieve their blogging goals, they will also help you to grow, simple as that. So promote others content, link to them often to build a great network around your blog.

Network with others: Use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to build relationships with other bloggers. Don’t ask them to share your blog posts. Instead, ask about their blogging goals, ask whether they’re doing fine, help them if they’re in a trouble. SHOW THEM YOU CARE.

Build genuine relationships with other bloggers: take away

It always takes time to build genuine relationships online. You must WAIT to grow your network around your blogs. Blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme to make money overnight.

Over to you:

How do you build genuine relationships with other bloggers?

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