How to blog better and still have a life

1. Set limits for social media use and stick to them no matter what – social media is infinite and has the potential to eat up all of your time. Socialize and build relationships, but don’t overdo it.

2. Include your life in your blog, that way seemingly non-blogging activities can in fact be blogging activities. Find ways to relate your life to your blog.  So take pictures, videos, podcasts and make them a regular part of your life and your blog.

3. Remember it’s your blog and your life. Don’t let it consume you.  I’m reminded of a quote from the movie, The Player’s Club

“make that money, don’t let it make you.”

In other words, control your blog, don’t be controlled by it.

4. Find a way to be humorous whenever possible.  Have fun and find ways to enjoy writing and posting to your blog.

5. Get to know other people and help them. There is joy that comes with helping someone else – it doesn’t always have to be about your success. Take a moment to help someone else build their blog.

6. Schedule several posts ahead of time. Use WordPress’s scheduling feature to stay on top of your posting frequency.

So what could you add to this brief list?

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