How To Be An Effective In-house SEO

SEO experts fall in one of two groups: in-house and agency. In-house SEOs often work for a single company and become employees of the client company. On the other hand an SEO company/agency have teams working at different projects for multiple companies or accounts.

As with any industry, there are advantages and disadvantages with becoming an in-house SEO. Understanding what it means to be an in-house SEO will help experts decide if it is a good career choice or help them become better at their work.

Advantage of Hiring In-House SEO

  • Better focus

In-house SEOs devote all of their time and efforts to a single company. They know what the strengths and weaknesses of that particular company and device strategies that would benefit the company. An in-house SEO can also devote time to identify and monitor the competition and provide solutions based on the information gathered.

  • More industry expertise

Having more focus on a single company allows experts to learn more about the industry. They become specialized in that particular niche and will know the latest trends or know what will work for the company.

  • Understands the company structure

As an employee of the company, the in-house SEO will get to meet other employees and be immersed in the company’s culture. The individual will know who to talk to with regards to getting resources or get people to do particular tasks.

In-house SEOs also have a better understanding on what the company needs and make suggestions. This may involve suggesting hiring an SEO agency or outside expertise to help with brand building process.

  • Greater leverage on creative decisions

The schedule of an in-house expert is different from that of an agency SEO. As there is a single client to worry about, more time can be given for each phase of the project. This means more time to explore and try out new ideas.

In-house SEOs have the ability to make great changes and garner positive results. For new employees, this involves proving one’s abilities and expertise to garner the trust and acceptance of their colleagues or superiors. Making a few small wins and changes will make it easier to impress people and making them more willing to accept suggestions and initiate changes.

  • Bridges the gap between IT and marketing departments

As employees of the company, in-house SEOs will get more opportunities to interact with employees from other departments. When it comes to building a brand, this means interacting with the people from IT and marketing.

With these two departments having opposing opinions on how to do their work, it is up to the in-house SEO to bridge the gap yet still get the results needed to build the brand the best way possible.

Pros and Cons of Being an In-House SEO


  • The in-house SEO has a better understanding of the industry, the company’s target market and any possible challenges involved.
  • In-house SEOs can devote their energies on building a single company. They have full control over what strategies to follow and how to execute the plan.
  • Hiring in-house SEOs tend to be cheaper as compared to hiring an entire agency.


  • Building a brand name online is a time-consuming process. Algorithms and other factors constantly change.  The selected in-house expert needs to be constantly updated on these changes to make the SEO efforts valid and useful.
  • It can be difficult to find and hire an in-house SEO that has all the expertise and tools needed to build the brand.
  • The strategies used to build the company’s online reputation can be limited to how much the in-house SEO expert knows.

Outsource SEO or Stick with Your In House SEO?

This depends on the situation and what the company needs or expects from the SEO expert. There are many factors to consider including the company’s scale of operations. Hiring SEO experts in-house cost less than hiring an SEO agency.

As they are considered an employee of the company, they devote their focus and concentration on the company alone.  However, finding the right expert can be a challenge. The in-house expert must have the right expertise and specialize in the company’s industry in order to implement the best strategies.

They must also have access to the right tools or be given the budget to access the needed tools. The pros and cons should be weighed to determine whether hiring an in-house company is the right decision for the company. Think of it as an investment and your company cannot go wrong with making its decision.

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