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How One Simple Question Can Change the Course of Your Blog

pavement ends. salton sea, ca. 2000.
I would like to present a new philosophy that I think everyone in the world who runs a blog or a business should adopt in 2011.

This idea is simple but revolutionary.  Today, I’d like to share it with you because I think it applies to so many parts of life.  It applies to how all business owners (and many blogs are businesses) should think about everything they do for their business.

Here’s the idea:

Always start with the end point in mind.

I just blew your mind, didn’t I? Maybe not. Maybe you’re thinking: what in the world is this crazy lady talking about? Of course I start with an end point in mind.

I bet you don’t. I bet you don’t consciously sit down and think about what you want your end goal to be when you start a task. You may have a fuzzy picture in the back of your mind, but it’s certainly not in HD.

How does this apply to your blog?

Every post you write should have an end goal in mind. And it’s not just to have people read it. You have to go deeper than that. If you’re writing a post on wordpress themes, perhaps your end goal is to educate wordpress virgins. That is much different than trying to sell your own wordpress theme through the blog post.  Knowing this information is going to shape your message of the post.  It has power.

Maybe you decide the end goal of a post is to get new readers. How are you going to accomplish that? Most people would just write a post and hope new people came. But if you’re conscious of that goal, then you can put strategies into place.

Perhaps you decide to write about a topic that is new to your blog, enticing new people who wouldn’t normally visit but are intrigued by your brand new topic. Maybe you focus much more energy on SEO, hoping it will naturally bring readers. Maybe you decide to write a post on your expertise and then farm it out as a guest post as a way to expand your reach, instead of posting it on your blog.

Here is a real life example of how I use this philosophy in my every day working life:

As a copywriter, this philosophy makes me better at my job.

If I am hired to write a brochure, I always have a conversation with my client and take down all the facts about the product. What is it? How is it made? What does it do? But there is one question I never fail to ask, and one that often shapes how I write the brochure. What is the end goal of this project?

You would be surprised how many times it’s not, “to sell my product”. Instead, I hear “to get my name out there. To up my branding. To show that this particular service is important to my company”.

Knowing exactly what the client wants to accomplish lets me write the brochure specifically to that goal. That way the end product makes my client happy and then that makes me happy.

Are you going to try putting this new way of thinking into place? Do you think it’s as helpful and revolutionary as I do? Do you already employ it?

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