How I increased my Alexa rank

…and what I did with my blogging knowledge

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post:  What’s your blogging story?

I’ll get right to the point – when I finally began posting everyday, that’s when I started seeing immediate improvement in traffic and reader engagement. To add to the effect, I also did a few guest posts on high traffic sites and made my rounds to leave authentic comments on popular blogs. My Alexa ranking began to soar. Everyday I was excited to discover lower and lower numbers.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not simple enough to think that a high Alexa ranking is the sole judger of blog quality and traffic. Because I’ve visited seven digit blogs that clearly had tons of visitors and reader engagement. I know Alexa ranking isn’t everything, but it is an indicator that your blog is moving in the right direction.

Once I learned how to make a difference with my blog, people began to notice. I told an acquaintance about my blogs and how well things were going and she asked me if I help her get more people to her website. I gave her a few links to the usual social media sites and gave her some very basic seo tips. When she returned a few weeks later with an astounding report, a light bulb went off in my head, and I decided that if I could help her, a person whose site couldn’t even be found if you typed in her name and the name of her blog, maybe there were others that I could help.

What I did with my blogging knowledge to create new streams of income

I didn’t begin consulting right away. Instead, I began the seeding process. Whenever I spoke to people who had a business or a website, I told them about the results I was seeing on my blog and with my friend’s.

No sales pitch, no “let me help you” speeches, just information about what I was doing and the result I was seeing. Then one day, I got an email from a woman who needed help with her website. Then she referred a friend, and they referred a friend of a friend who referred another friend and I think you get the point.

I had no clue when I started out a year ago simply trying to make some Adsense revenue that I’d end up in a whole other place than I could ever have imagined; one that would never have been possible otherwise.

Although my experience was a bit rocky in the beginning and in some areas I’ve experienced failure, I also learned that wonderful things come when you rely on your God-given talents and passions. Apparently writing is my gift and ever since I’ve decided to make the most of it by blogging, writing for others and consulting I’ve been getting closer to my dreams everyday. Whatever your gifts are, look to those because that’s where you’ll experience true success.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m not writing as if I’ve arrived. There is still a long road ahead of me, but that fact that I’m headed in the right direction gives me great comfort. I could’ve given up after the second month that I didn’t make any money, or the six month, but I decided that before I could quit, I actually had to act on everything I’d learned first – that’s when I’d be able to safely say that I’d given it my all.

Since I haven’t done that even as of yet, I’m not allowed to quit. There’s still too many adjustments to be made and too many actions yet to be taken. So until then, here I am world!

So what unique income opportunities have you created for yourself since you started blogging? If you haven’t created any, why not? I believe it for myself that anything is possible in the blogosphere, have you experienced your share of the impossible yet?

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