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How Does Web Advertising Work?

How To Advertise your Business ppc pay per clickDo you remember the times when you’d only see banner advertisements on the websites?

Most ads were around 720×90 px – that was in the 90s! Since the new millennium began, the matter has changed- people spend more time on the internet; companies spend more money on promotions and all the possible methods of advertising on the web.

Web advertising is usually the easiest way to earn revenues for bloggers. It takes the least amount of effort to post a banner or text ad and if the site’s traffic is high enough, it could produce a nice passive income.

Of course, whatever ads you place should be relevant to your site and should compliment your content so that it will be of value to your readers – and not an annoyance.

Here are some quick tips for getting started with web advertising:

Register for a Publisher Account

You don’t have to have a relationship with advertisers. No cold calling is necessary. This is possible because there are ad sites that can get bloggers connected to the big advertising companies. It is usually a simple process that starts with registering for a publisher account.

Google Adsense is one example, Chikita and Kontera are others. These sites will provide ad codes to place on your site that will analyze your content and present relevant ads based on what you already have written on your site. Whenever someone clicks an ad, you’ll earn anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars.

Find Sponsors or Local Advertisers

Other ways to generate ad income are through sponsorships. You can find sponsors by approaching local businesses in your area or other bloggers who are interested in forming a partnership. A partner can sponsor with cash, services or products in exchange for being listed or having their logo displayed prominently on your site.

Securing sponsors is a great way to fund contests and giveaways that will benefit everyone involved including the blog community.

If your site has a large audience, you could just skip sponsorship and sell ad space to those same local businesses for a flat monthly or yearly rate.

These are two ways to bring in advertising revenue, combine this with the right amount of affiliate marketing and sponsored reviews and you’ll be on the right track to bringing in a steady flow of advertising revenue.

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