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seattle trekkerCharles of Seattle Trekker

Kiesha was easy to talk to and clarify goals. She was responsive, and the completed work was done at a highly professional level. I felt that the costs were reasonable and the value of the resulting work was excellent.

I am old school when it comes to business:  when you deliver results you should do it with the thought that you have just sold something and delivered the results or product to your mother-in-law. The test for this is: will your neighbor and your wife be happy…real small town stuff. Even with businesses where I have been making on-time payments for years, it has become adversarial, a loveless marriage of convenience.

Doing business with Kiesha was like walking back in to the adult world again where I could describe what I needed and the goal was to deliver that result. She seemed to really care. The process was as important as the result…I really liked that.  She was able to meet my needs and I would recommend her services to a friend.


Shawn of 10Talent Wealth

Overall, it was a pleasure working with Kiesha. There was an immediate connection with Kiesha, in particular, because of the way she expressed her faith, her friendly and inviting profile picture on her site, and the phone conversations we shared.

She always exhibited great professionalism with fast and courteous service. I find her very easy to talk to about design ideas!

The most pleasant part of my experience with Kiesha was that she finished the site in record time.  Kiesha came up with an excellent set of headers to choose from based off of our very preliminary conversations.  She also exhibited great creativity in PowerPoint by using it to place images and lettering together to create a brand.

She met all of my needs and beyond. She even exceeded our original time target by two weeks! She makes a habit of exceeding expectations at a reasonable cost. I have already recommended her services to a friend. I am hoping to connect her with a set of beginner bloggers in my area from my church class in Entrepreneurship.


Tracy of Gumbumper

Working with Kiesha is working with the best. It was pleasant to know that anytime Kiesha was needed, she was there to answer any questions or concerns.   She met my needs appropriately and I would recommend her services to a friend.


Suzanne of HomeAloneBlog

Kiesha made me feel comfortable while working with her. She really took the time to explained things so that I could understand.  

A memorable part of working with Kiesha was the confidence I’ve built. She made me believe I could learn stuff and for what I didn’t know she was more than happy to fix.  She met all my needs and I would defiantly recommend her services.  I want to thank Kiesha for taking all of  the mystery out of tech part and being very warm and friendly.


Stacey of Mylifestylemax

Working with Kiesha was relatively easy; unlike some designers, who I feel are often simply trying to showcase their design skills and give you what THEY want you to have.  
Kiesha understood the goal and overall feel I was trying to create and worked with me to achieve just that.  She met all of my needs and whilst my communication may have been a little confusing at times, she worked hard to understand what I was trying to convey.

I have no problem recommending friends or colleagues to use her services and would also guide them to her website as a good learning ground to get them started on the right track. I think she allows people to save time and grey hair.


Scarlet of Teen-Babble

I loved working with Kiesha! Her services were more than affordable and she provided top notch service. The most pleasant part of the experience is how she  offered to make any changes to the blog if I saw something I didn’t like. She was not offended by me making changes to her changes.

She definitely met my needs appropriately. Of course, I would recommend her service to a friend.  I want to thank her for all of her help. I don’t know what I would have done without Kiesha.



Sheri of

Overall, Kiesha service is wonderful. I will definitely recommend her services and will probably be contacting her throughout to add or change anything as my writing career blossoms!


Renee of

Working with Kiesha was surprisingly refreshing. I had spoken with two other web designers previously who were intentionally vague concerning the cost of their services. Also, they responded days after my initial contact.

Kiesha’s response was prompt. Not only were her services affordable, there were no questions concerning exactly what was included in the price.  

It was pleasant to have prompt response and clarification from Kiesha concerning exactly what she was doing at any given moment.  Also, she was not afraid to point out ways to improve my choices, even if they were contradictory to what I requested. She met all of my needs. I will recommend her service and I’m actually already forwarding her I am information to a friend.

Johan-500x303Johan of MyFootstepsInChess

Kiesha was overall easy going, friendly, and to the point. I loved that she had a quickness of implementing things that needed to be done to the site/blog and the feeling of being talked to by a friend instead of a contractor. She met all my needs and if a friend needs some help I would recommend her services.


Peppy of PeppyWritesChronicles

My overall feeling is that Kiesha is very professional, efficient, and honest with a solid work ethic.

She approached the project with diligence and always took the time to answer any questions or just to keep me updated. She obviously likes what she does and demonstrates a commitment to her work … and the way she interacted with me shows that she remembers  she is dealing with human beings, something I think could be a challenge when working with someone purely through online communication.

I have to say she amazed me with her incredible prompt response to every email, weekday and weekend! Too, there is a kindness in the way she communicates – being that we “spoke” purely through email it could easily have been a detached, impersonal interchange - however, she has a way of imparting genuine interest and a willingness to be helpful that made me feel the sort of “connection” one usually experiences when working with someone in person.

I appreciate her making yourself available to me if/when I had a question or even when I expressed nervousness about everything… and though the project is complete, she continues to offer her help and/or guidance in whatever way I may need.  I think she is an intelligent, insightful, and creative person who treats others with respect, kindness and fairness.  She absolutely met my needs! Everything I asked for was accomplished … in fact, my expectations were exceeded and I couldn’t be happier with the end results.  I would absolutely recommend her services to a friend and will do so whenever I know of someone, friend or not, needing/wanting help with their site.

Editing & Writing Reviews:

Laurie of

Working with Kiesha has been the absolute highlight of my year. I speak about her often to my family. I talk about how even though we don’t really know each other, we are of the same mindset: providing honesty, value and quality in the workplace and in our personal lives. I know we’re not friends, but there’s a part of me that calls her “friend.”  That’s because I know she trusts me and I sense she knows that I trust her. I knew all this long before I had the opportunity to meet Kiesha in person.

Earlier today I was speaking about Kiesha and was asked how I found her. I spoke about the interview and how I heard herr voice. I described it as calm, reliable and honest. 

The best thing Kiesha ever did for me was just last week. I was having problems with my website that were way out of her scope. What I didn’t tell her was that the web developer, upon hearing about the technical problems, replied to me, “I charge by the hour.” Kiesha’s lovely soul, on the other hand, took action: she put the old theme up and showed me she cared through her actions.  She even went further and attempted to fix the problem.  That’s what I’m talking about.

She is my kind of people. And guess what? There are not a lot of US. I told my family last week, “that’s why I loves me some Kiesha.  She cares and she understands the key to a happy, abundant life: help other people get what they want and you in turn – get what you want.”  Can I get an ‘amen?’

Up until then the best part was seeing how she put her subtle touches on my blog posts and took them to the next level. I love her finishing touches. I like that she understands what I’m trying to say and helps me to say it.

Janet of

Working with Kiesha has been a positive experience right out the gate.  She delivered above and beyond my expectation.  When possible I like to have an initial telephone conversation – this allows me to filter through uncertainties and get a better sense of who I’m really dealing with.  

Kiesha answered my questions honestly without being pushy or pitchy.  She outlined what she could do, when she could deliver, and what I could expect.  And once our project took off, she always asked if she could help me with anything else.  Even making recommendations for plugin tools to help with my articles.  

Good old fashion customer service goes a long way with me.  I will definitely recommend Kiesha to others – and I’m sure their experience will be as pleasant as mine!

Tee of

Kiesha is very professional and she has excellent ideas. I noticed my website ranking going down since I hired Kiesha to research key words and write articles for my blog. Kiesha is also very creative in blog design.

Haddy F.

Kiesha edited and proof-read my book. She was both detailed, and speedy, and she took ownership of the project. I am very pleased with the outcome, and would not hesitate to recommend her.

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