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Help Yourself by Helping Others for Greater Business Success

Helping Others for Success

Helping Others for SuccessI’m sure you have heard this …. “Do unto others as you would have them do to you” is a quote that is thrown around quite liberally. What does it really mean when you put it in the context of business?

This is a phrase that can teach an important lesson about ethics, personal growth, helping others and growing your own business network.

To expand on this, I have found the term “self-made” to often be a misnomer. Sure, maybe I’ve worked 80 hours a week to grow my business from scratch. And maybe I’ve put in the sweat, pounded the pavement to drum up new business, and made the tough decisions that kept me awake at night. But I also had some help along the way and couldn’t possibly be sitting in the position I’m in without it. That help has often been in the form of advice, the gift of someone else’s time, skill set, or network.

I have learned that ‘leaders leave clues’.  And being a leader doesn’t mean you are the biggest, the richest or the best.  A leader is anyone that offers value to others without the expectation of getting back.  Helping others for greater business success is and continues to be the secret, if there is such a thing, for where I am today, and I will add, very grateful for.

Helping Others – Refer Business to Colleagues & Peers

There have been times in my professional life that I have been too overwhelmed to take on new business. However, instead of turning away a potential client, I picked up the phone or emailed a colleague to see if they were available to help. This accomplished two things; in helping others, I was able to help this client, and I was able to give new business to a colleague.

The old saying “What goes around comes around” comes to mind here. Perhaps in the future this colleague will do the same for me. Or, perhaps this colleague will compensate me for the referral, and all it took was a phone call or a simple email.  However, I never expect or require anything in return.  When I was able to completely understand that and feel comfortable with helping others, that is when my business turned around for the good.

The client was able to get what they want, the colleague is grateful for the business, and you were able to spend your time effectively on the tasks you have at hand.

Grow Your Network By Helping Others Succeed

A little advice, constructive criticism, or a word of encouragement can go a long way. If you are who your friends are, it is in your interests to be surrounded by successful people.  Other successful and positive minded people will help to lift each other up.  Understanding this concept will change your business success like no other.

If you have experience and advice that can be passed to others, then be giving, helping others is a wonderful thing to share. Allow people to learn from your mistakes, and they’ll likely open up and help you do the same. A little bit of compassion and dignity – which can be rare in business – will help you boost your own personal brand and grow your network.

If those around you are succeeding with your support, you can bet your bottom dollar those same people will help you along the way too.