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Flush! Another Blog Post Down The Toilet!

So you’ve slaved over your keyboard for hours or days to write a gem of a blog post.

Or maybe even a brilliant piece of work!


You’re feeling proud, accomplished, and anxious to share a valuable message with the world.


You proofread one last time, smile with great satisfaction, and hit the big publish button.

And then you wait.

And then you wait some more.

And then a couple of your best blogging buddies (or your Aunt Mabel and Uncle Marty) show up, as always, to read your post and tell you how much they love you.

Wonderful.  Being loved is nice.

But these folks aren’t your target audience!  You’re blogging for business and Aunt Mabel isn’t buying.

You’re looking for numbers, clicks, eyeballs, and traffic from highly-targeted prospects with problems you know how to solve.

You have ideal solutions for them but they’re not showing up.

You’re left scratching your head.

Days pass by.

Then weeks and months.

Another blog post flushed down the toilet!  All your efforts and expertise sailed right down the drain.

Your problem?

Read my lips:  P.R.O.M.O.T.I.O.N.

Specifically — blog promotion.  That’s where you’re falling short.

Writing a blog post may be a lot of work, at times, but that’s the easy part.

So what’s a disappointed biz blogger to do?

In order to be successful as a blogger, guest blogger, freelance writer, blogging contestant, affiliate marketer, or article marketer, you must be able to not only write awesome content but also be able to promote it successfully!

No more waiting for Aunt Mabel to pull out her credit card.  She hasn’t even bought a new pair of socks in years!

Stop flushing your blog posts (and potential sales) down the toilet.  

Keep your posts afloat!

Get your copy of Blog Promotion: The Ultimate Guide.

Or write another hundred blog posts only your friends or family will read. 

Your decision.

Over to you …

  • What are your biggest blogging frustrations as a business blogger?
  • Affiliate marketers — are your sales up as a result of blogging?  Making any sales at all?
  • Is your target audience showing up to read and comment on your posts or just a handful of your blogging buddies?