Finding Topics for Your B2B Business Blog

A B2B business blog is a great and useful tool for numerous reasons. First off, a B2B content marketing strategy should focus on helping and educating their consumer; a blog is the perfect platform to do that.

Blogs are inherently social in nature (as long as you allow comments), which means they are great way to connect with your target audience and other industry professionals. A business blog also shows your target audience that you know how to talk the talk and walk the walk—you know your industry better than anyone else (which is why they need to work with you!)

However, just about every B2B business blogger seems to get stuck on the same problem — “I don’t have anything to write about.”

Yes, in fact, you do.

1. Questions from customer service

Every question your customer service team answers is a blog post. What questions do you see getting asked again and again? Chances are your customers are looking online first and couldn’t find the answer they were looking for. By calling, your audience is asking you for information they can’t find anywhere else. Give it to them before they even need it in the form of a blog post!

For instance, let’s say your company sells computer software. How often does one of your customer service representatives have to walk a customer through the setup process? Save your clients and customer service team some time and write a blog post that outlines the setup process so it’s easy for customers to follow. Do Mac users have to follow a different process than PC users?

That’s another blog post!

2. Introduce your employees

Do you know what a “hooker inspector” does? And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with the world’s oldest profession. A hooker inspector examines cloth for weaving or finishing defects. If you’re not in the textile industry, that’s probably not a fact you were privy to. Think about your target audience and what information might they find useful about your employees. What do employees at your company actually do? What are their responsibilities and how do their daily jobs impact your customers?

For example, if you work for a marketing firm, chances are you’ve heard the term “Director of Buzz” and have a pretty good idea of that person’s responsibilities within your company. But do your clients have the same understanding? What makes the Director of Buzz different from the Marketing Director or the Creative Director? Blog posts are a great place to get under
the surface of your company and give it a little personality.

3. Break down your process

How are your products made? What kind of materials do you use? Why do you make them that way? Take a magnifying glass to your business and look at it from all angles. We often get so used to the in-and-out of our daily routine that we forget just how interesting our business actually is. Just because we’re immersed in our industry, that doesn’t mean our customers are. A blog post is the perfect place to educate your target consumer so they can better understand your industry and what your company can do for them.

Let’s say your company sells refurbished office furniture. How do you restore an old conference table so it looks new? How do you customize pre-built cubicles so they fit in a new office space? How do you get your hands on all this office furniture in the first place?

Finding new topics for B2B blogging isn’t as hard as you think it is. If you feel like you’re getting stuck and writing the same things over and over, all you have to do to change the way you are looking at it!

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