Finding Blogging Inspiration by Coming to Your Senses

my 5 senses
Is inspiration a sixth sense? I see topics and they are all around me. I experience inspiration as a sudden knowing. It’s not magical or predictive. And, there are no dead people speaking to me.

So, where do I find my inspiration to write? I look for inspiration through my senses. Insight isn’t something I push or force to happen.

It’s the opposite. Inspiration seems to find me. It hits me like a wave. And, it ebbs away just after it flows in.

I’ve learned to appreciate the nature of inspiration. I keep a list of blog topics on my computer. And, I carry a journal for those times when sentences flow easy. I don’t worry that my ideas will dry up, as I always have more ideas than I have time to write.

Do you worry about running out of ideas? If you are struggling with writer’s block, what fears pop up? Ideas come when my mind is still, not racing. If my mind is unfocused and distracted, then I’m usually fighting fears instead of inviting ideas. For me, getting out of my head and into my senses helps.

Tune into your senses and inspiration will find you. Here’s how my senses help me keep a running list of ideas to write about:


Reading is one of my favorite ways to find inspiration. I’m inspired by the way language is used to convey important messages. For me, hearing words is an endless source of inspiration, as it can be found among my favorite things, music, books, blogs, and movies.

Inspiration hits me when I hear quotes that mean something to me. It’s as if the words reach out and grab me. I highlight the words. And, I honor them by sharing them with others and adding them to my quote file.


Another favorite source for inspiration is touch, but not in the traditional meaning of this sense. People “touch” my heart. I am inspired by the way others use their lives, finding meaning and purpose. And, I am “touched” by the ways others overcome hard times. Peoples’ lives leave an imprint, and their stories stick with me.

And, nothing “touches” my heart, quite like my kids. I think my kids, now 3 and 6 years old, bring out the best and worst in me. They inspire me when they are being funny, loving, frustrated, or curious. Spending time observing and interacting with my kids can inspire me to write or to work more on how I parent!


Are you wondering how smells could possibly inspire me to write? Well, don’t most strong smells remind you of something familiar?For me, certain smells evoke memories. Salt water reminds me of my honeymoon. The smell of grass mixed with sweet sweat reminds me of my dad. And, the smell of rain coming brings me back to the fun I had riding my childhood big wheel through puddles!

In this way, smells can inspire story telling of shared moments and cherished memories. Smells invite memories, and story telling invites inspiration. When you are inspired to tell stories, I think others are invited to tell their own stories.


Seeing nature inspires me too. I love the intricate details of sunsets, oceans, and animals. Nature awes and courts me. It is awe-inspiring and stillness inviting. And, when I am still, inspiration finds me.

While nature may not inspire me to write a certain topic, it is rich with metaphors and universal truths. Nature is ripe place to be picked. I turn to nature when looking for ways to describe my ideas and topics.


Isn’t taste the forgotten sense? It gets lumped in with smells. I have a new take on using taste for inspiration and it’s not related to food or odors.

I am inspired by “tasting” life. The work I do on myself inspires me to write and share with others what I have learned. Each moment brings an opportunity to “taste” life, find new choices, and gain perspective. Just like flavors can linger after the food is gone, so do memories, stories, and great ideas!

I want to hear your perspective. Share what inspires you to write. How can you use your senses to unleash the great ideas lurking inside of you?

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