How to Dominate in a Saturated Niche

So you have a blog and you’ve chosen a topic that is being talked about all over the web. It’s important to be different but you also need to write about something you’re passionate about.

How do you make an impression with your blog when the competition is so high in that particular niche? This is when you really have to think outside the box.

Don’t Be Afraid of Humor

Some people are funny, some people aren’t, but everyone knows how to use a little snark once in a while. If you do so properly on your web, you’ll get some chuckles from your readers and this will immediately break the ice with them.

When they read through seemingly mundane ideas presented with humor, they are going to remember your blog out of all the others. Anytime you make someone laugh, you also have a much higher chance of having your post shared.

Whether you use humor or a little snark, the idea is just to catch the reader off guard. You don’t have to be Jerry Seinfeld funny to get their attention-you just need to help them see the similarities between themselves and you.

Make a Splash with Comparisons

The language you use to share information is also important. Presentation is everything and depending on your choice of presentation, someone could remember your post for quite some time.

Consider how teachers make impressions–it’s all in the delivery of the material, right? Present your content in a memorable way and don’t follow the typical crowd.

Are most of your blogging competitors writing text posts? Then, make a wacky video and use obvious humor or antics to share your thoughts.

Make a reverse slideshow and put it in opposite language. Tell your readers you’re going to say the opposite of what you mean (and make sure you clarify that on each slide.)

This can be a fun, thoughtful way that lets you put an entirely unique perspective on the niche material you’re sharing. Your readers will appreciate the originality and creativity you share with them as well.

Niche Content Can Be Detailed

When you set yourself up in a niche, you have a huge opportunity to help your readers from start to finish. That means, you can talk about purchasing the right supplies, setting up a work station, going through the completion process and sharing your end results.

Blog posts can be specific and you can set up a training of sorts, by posting each step on consecutive days. Many blogs might share the same information, but they’re not offering a step-by-step class that only requires the reader to read a post.

This is a way to bring a unique aspect both to reader interaction and online learning. Plus, you’re setting yourself up as an authority blog without having to advertise it as such.

Change Your Site Design

You know how you get the bug to rearrange your furniture once in a while? The same kind of refreshing result by switching up your website occasionally.

It’s very easy to make a quick video explaining to your readers where the buttons are located now and it shows that you’re trying to create an exciting space for them to hang out in.

They will see that you’re always on the lookout for fresh designs and will assume the same applies to the content you post. Fresh, new material draws in readers every time and does very well in social media sharing.

If you use these techniques, then it doesn’t matter how many competitors you have. You’ll always have something new and exciting to share with your readers and a fresh way to communicate.

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