Write for We Blog Better

We Blog Better is not currently accepting any guest posts.

We’re always happy to receive articles and blog posts written by passionate bloggers who know their stuff. However, because we receive many requests from spammers who are more interested in inserting links that pass pagerank into their posts, we’re now very picky about who we accept posts from.

If you’re genuinely interested in submitting a unique, quality article that will be read by thousands of our visitors, you’ll need to follow these guidelines very carefully.

  • Posts must be unique and not posted on any other website or blog (we will check).
  • It must be written in English without grammatical or spelling mistakes.
  • It must be related to blogging, WordPress, social media etc.
  • Any links in the post must be related to the topic and add some benefit to the article. Links to spammy, non-related websites will be taken out.
  • We need links to previous work you’ve submitted on other sites/blogs. We will consider first time writers, but no promises.
  • We need to see some social proof. This means that we need to know who you are as we don’t accept anonymous posts, so please send us a link to your Twitter account or Google+ account.
  • We will consider allowing a link to your blog/website in the post, but that link will be “nofollow”. The days of guest posting for pagerank are over!

We hope the above won’t put you off getting in touch. The guidelines are there to filter out time wasters, spammers and low quality content. The web has enough crap as it is and we don’t want to add to it.

We hope to hear from you soon!