3 Eye-Opening Tips for a Better Business Blog

I talk a lot about blogging for blogging sake when writing this guest post, but the truth is many people blog as an extension of their business.

While this isn’t a totally different beast than having a blog as your business, there are some rules use and I’d like to point out for those of you who, like me, use your blog as a way to entice potential customers and show off who you are and what you can do:

Never get personal

My favorite blogs are the ones where I know a little bit about the blogger. I know about their family and what they do, and have a picture of their life. This is not the blog I write for myself. As much as I appreciate this type of blog, it’s not appropriate when it’s an extension of a business. You want potential clients to come to your site and be awed by what you can offer, not by your son’s first birthday party.

Have a Strong Focus

There are times when I come across a story I’d like to blog about, but it just doesn’t fit with what I think a potential client would be interested in. So I don’t post about it. Unless it has to do with your exact service offerings, steer clear. You never want a potential client to happen across your blog and think you’re not right for them just because you decided to take the day to post about your favorite flowers when you’re a tax accountant.

Don’t Post as Often

This may seem like a strange rule, but it’s an important one. When you are running a business, you need all the time available to woo clients, perfect your work, and do the billing and emailing and everything else that comes with running your own business.

Making blogging 5 times a week a priority will just leave less time for the more important tasks. I used to post 5 times a week, and now I’m down to 2. My ultimate goal is not to have huge traffic, but to find more projects to work on. Therefore, that is where I concentrate my efforts.

Blogging for business is an incredibly important way to drive traffic to your site and wow potential customers. Following the rules above will help set some guidelines on how and when to post.

Are there any important ones that I’m missing? Do any of you blog for business rather than make your business from blogging?

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