41 Creative Blog Ideas You Can Publish

Creative blog ideasAs a blogger, one of the objectives you should have for establishing a blog site is providing helpful blog ideas that will keep your readers producing fresh content at all time on their blogs.

Though there are step by step guide for writing an effective content, but I want to make sure you get even more creative when it comes to knowing which type of post or blog ideas to publish.

Like I always tell you, blogging has gone beyond writing a personal diary or writing just because it’s a hobby.  The blogosphere has grown so big that without great posts written with some compliance to the basic rules of blogging, it becomes so harder for new bloggers to get discovered. The competition is so big that you need to get creative with your content writing skills and blog ideas.

Another thing I have come to notice is that most bloggers who keep to the topic or title of their blogs tend to confide or restrict  themselves  to one form of writing.  Now, I am not saying you should write any thing that comes to your head, in fact the right thing to do is write in line with what your blog preaches.  However, there are few blog ideas which you can use to come up with diverse post topics to keep your blog  fresh at all times without deviating from your blog’s niche.

To help you supercharge your blog existence, I have listed below some helpful blog ideas to help you develop  fresh and unique post ideas  for your readers, let’s see them:

A list of creative blog ideas to publish

1. Think of questions about your industry which need answers and engage your readers to drop their suggestions or answers.

2. Go through the comments on some of your published posts and try writing a fresh content from the keyword that appeared most in the comments.

3. Write a review of products you have used on your blog and how they have helped you build a better blog.

4. Write an “A List” of blogging practices that has helped you build a better blog.

5. Tell the success stories of what works for you both in your blogging career and personal endeavours.

6. Think of some possible rules which is key to your industry.

7. Write case studies using some of your already published posts with high traffic and how it has helped readers.

8. If you have products that attracts high sells, use them to write weekly or monthly review (make sure the products are best selling otherwise it will become spam.)

9. Approach the influential figures in your niche for interviews and present the results in a blog post.

10. In which ways have you failed in blogging? Write posts in series on how you overcame or solved the problems.

11. Every single update or move you make on your blog counts, convert them into blog ideas.

12. Link to a post which you found interesting on another blog and add your own flavour.

13. Write on guides and how to’s and try using the new traditional writing such as top 15, top 20, top 41 and so on. The era of top 10 is gradually phasing out. People want a handful of options to try out so give them more options to follow.

14. What projects are you working on? Write about them if they are not secretive.

15. What did your blog achieve this week? Write a weekly review of what you achieved through your blog and how you did it.

16. Get personal but professional and share some life changing tips since you started blogging.

17. Whenever a reader contacts you on a problem which you can solve and that’s not personal, present the solution a blog post.

18. Find out what readers are reading most on authority blogs in your niche and try coming up with your own concept.

19. Do you have Youtube videos of some works you have done? Use them to come up with new blog ideas.

20. Write an “A List” of the influential bloggers in your niche.

21. Write a check-list for bloggers to follow when making some blogging movements.

22. What is the greatest thing that has happened to you as a blogger? Share it and keep sharing.

23. What are your competitors not doing right? Spy on them and craft blog ideas about them.

24. Check your blog stats and find out which posts receive the highest clicks and try writing more of those topics.

25. Do you foresee any changes, development or problems in your industry? Write about them.

26. Who among the bloggers in your niche or even outside your niche have had direct connection with you, share your experience with your readers.

27. Podcast is becoming big in blogging, create them from time to time and use them in your blog posts.

28. Ask your readers what they have read in other niche blogs that are not covered on your blog.

29. Implement what your reading now, share with your readers the several ways of overcoming writer’s block.

30. I am sure you attend conferences and seminars, share your experiences or what you learned with your readers.

31. Link to infographics on your niche and comment on them while touching the figures and facts on them.

32. Create a suggestion page and encourage readers to drop their suggestions – doing this will leave you with bunch of blog ideas.

33. Some authors give free licence to share their ebooks. Get a collection of power-packed ebooks you have read and write a post on “A List” of ebooks that are worth reading. If you have written your own add it to the list.

34. Have you rejected any guest post before? Write a post on reasons why you rejected a certain guest post.

35. Do you have bunch of ideas to share? Write them in series to create more fresh content on your blog.

36. What are the smart earning methods you have used to make money on your blog? Write in series the different ways you achieved it.

37. Invite guest authors to write with you.

38. Most readers get it all wrong in their first week of blogging, share with them measures and practices you carried out during your own time.

39. Read comments made on authority blogs in your niche and try coming up with unique blog ideas based on the readers problems.

40. Just get creative, think of the things happening in your industry and work on analysing them for your readers.

41. Show off your guest blogging achievements with a list of your live guest posts on other blog sites and share with your readers how you pulled the stunt.

Wow! Never knew I was going to make it a “top 41″ post…, I am sure you have more blog ideas to add yourself, so let’s hear from you in the comments.

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