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Beware! Don’t Blog Like The British!

2008.11.22 - Union FlagOK… I’m British, but I must warn you!

Your blog is doomed if you blog like the British stereotype (tongue in cheek, here…!)

1. Don’t blog like the British, unless…

…you happen to agree that  ‘good manners’ are important.

We British are sometimes teased about being being too ‘polite’.

  • We teach our children to say ‘please’ and ‘thankyou’.
  • We try to see things from the other person’s point of view.
  • We try not to give offense.

‘Good manners’ are important in blogging too.

  • When you ask your readers to comment or Re Tweet, use please or thankyou, they’ll appreciate it.
  • Try to stand in their shoes. If your content bores you, it will bore them too. Consider what they want from your blog and try to provide it.
  • Consider the feelings of your readers. By all means have a rant, but not so much that they click away.

2.   Don’t blog like the British, unless …

…. you can stop ‘showing off’ to your readers.

As a child I was always taught not to ‘show off’.

This meant I mustn’t boast or tell my friends how clever/talented/pretty my mum told me I was. (Yeah… right….)

The same rule applies to blogging.

There’s a difference between being quietly proud of an achievement and shouting it from the roof tops and irritating everyone.

‘Showing off’ does not go down well in blogging.

Ther’s no need, because -

  • You will gain a good reputation as a blogger through what you deliver to your readers.
  • You will grow your blog by writing ‘epic shit’, (please read this post by Corbett Barr of Think Traffic, this is his phrase, do take a look.)
  • Your readers will  discover all your ‘skills’ themselves, not by you ‘showing off’.

3.   Don’t blog like the British, unless …

… you have no sense of style.

We British are not known for our sense of style, particularly on holiday. (Pause for my giggling here…)

I can spot a British tourist a mile off, especially when I’m in the US.

So many look as if they don’t care what they look like, the men wear ridiculous shorts with socks and trainers, and don’t get me started on the women…

The first impression your readers get from your blog site is important.

  • Your blog must look as if you care!
  • Take time to choose the best images for your posts you can find. Don’t just use the first one that comes up on your Flickr search because you’re in a hurry. Your readers are worth more than that.
  • Take a look at blogs you admire to find useful touches and features. Don’t copy them but look at them for inspiration.

4.   Don’t blog like the British, unless…

… you like hiding away.

We Brits do tend to disappear into the background.

We have a reputation for being self effacing and shy in a group of strangers.

In the blogging world you need to do the exact opposite!

  • You need to be confident. Don’t disappear! You must stand out from the crowd! I don’t mean you must ‘show off’, I mean you must stand out -

because your readers flock to read your words,

because they won’t find what you write and the way you write it, anywhere else, (time to pop back to read Corbett Barr’s Epic Shit post again…),

and because you always have something original and memorable to say.

  • You need to make friends. By interacting freely with other bloggers you will learn, develop and grow. Standing alone at the blogging party is not a good idea.
  • You need to join in the community.

Find a helpful Forum where you can ask questions and receive help from other bloggers just like you. You’ll be able to help them too!

I can totally recommend the A-List blogger Club Forum – I’ve had lots of help from them and the joining fee is so reasonable.

Blogging brings all nationalities together.

That’s one of the reasons I love it.

Now it’s your turn -

  1. Are there any ‘national characteristics’ that you try to avoid on your blog?
  2. Are there any you try to copy?
  3. What’s the primary quality you bring to blogging?

Can’t wait to read what you have to say!