How Best To Showcase Your Expert Talent Online

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Now then, how many of you believe you are an expert in your field?

Quite a few I presume and I also presume that not many of you reading this make a successful living from it. I am certainly not saying that it’s easy to make money from it but in the modern age the chance of doing so is much higher.

This can be attributed almost solely to the increased prominence of the internet. What an incredible thing the internet is, we all use it on a daily basis and the fundamental structure of the business, political and financial world is based upon it. It’s frightening to think a mere 10 years ago what the state of the internet was like with dial up connections and no wifi in sight.

We have all benefitted from the internet, none more so than budding freelance experts. There are now an abundance of online platforms from which you can illuminate your talent to the world and more specifically potential employers.

This article will highlight three ways that can help you showcase your expert talent online.

Be Unique

This is what will bring in the clients. If your expert talent is unique and very well presented via your portfolio then you are almost guaranteed to make some good money (providing your service is high quality). Being unique shouldn’t be mistaken with being strange.

The prime example of this is the way some people dress, its fine being individual but when you see some heterosexual guys walking around with skirts on, uniqueness has been eroded and replace by strangeness. If you are a writer (I know there are a lot of you out there) then select your topics wisely, write about current affairs in an interesting style or go against the grain with your opinion.

It is important to be distinguishable, there are a lot of people who can write well, there aren’t many who present it well enough to be noticed.

Swallow your Pride

You can’t be afraid to ask for advice from your friends and family. Show them your potential ideas and see what they think of it. You cannot be rigid; a blinkered view will only result in the failure of your venture. Nobody is above criticism, especially if it constructive.

That said, you have to have a strong mind if you are willing to throw yourself into a career such as online freelancing so don’t sacrifice it all. At the end of the day it is your brainchild and the fundamentals will be decided by you alone but for the fine details seek advice, it will be of the greatest benefit believe me.

Spread the Word

You have to spread the word to people you know and most specifically online. There are a lot of companies that now offer a platform for online experts to showcase what they can do; selecting the correct one is the tough part.

A company that offers a very simple but effective service is – check them out. Companies can find online experts at Enthuse and many of them do so, ensure your portfolio is there to be seen.

About the Author:

Andrew is a freelance writer with over 10 years experience. He knows what it takes to make it in the business and likes to give people advice about it.

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