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This is my blog - where I love to encourage bloggers. My hope is that you'll leave this blog with more than you came with; you'll learn something new or will at least be engaged and entertained.
In addition to teaching others how to blog, I'm also a college instructor who teaches students how to write for mass media.
I've guest posted on Problogger, DIYThemes and many others. I'm also the author of Highly Favored, a blog devoted to Christian inspiration & encouragement. Please follow me on twitter @weblogbetter or on Facebook.

ReclaiMe: File Recovery Tool – You Never Know When You’ll Need it

ReclaiMe File Recovery

Most people don’t think about lost files, until they lose them! Have you ever accidentally deleted a file?  Or perhaps you deleted it on purpose believing it was backed up somewhere else, only to discover that it wasn’t? I’m actually guilty of both scenarios.  As a result, I’ve developed an acute case of OCD when […]

7 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Blog

Richard Gringas

Last week, I had the privilege of being a part of the amazing Scripps Howard Journalism Entrepreneurship Institute. If I said it was mind-blowing, that would be an understatement. Not only did it bridge the gap for me for how to teach college students how to become media entrepreneurs, I actually gained some knowledge that […]

New Year; New Design & other News


I hope your New Year is off to an awesome start!  I wanted to take a moment to personally wish you a Happy New Year and provide an update on what’s been in the works for me and this blog for 2014. I’m sure you’re pumped and super motivated to get started on those resolutions […]

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