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Erik Emanuelli is entrepreneur, traveler and passionate blogger. He writes about social media and marketing, blogging tips and how to create a passive income online. He believes that hard work is the basis for the success of a small business. Follow him on Twitter @ErikEmanuelli.

How to Write Effective Content for the Web : a Step by Step Guide

Writing an article for the web is very different from writing an article for the paper. In fact, the online users have a lot of hurry while reading, jumping from one part of the text to another, moving in unimaginable directions, compared to those who read the paper texts. These behaviors are so special due […]

Lack of Inspiration? 11 Different Types Of Articles You Can Write On Your Blog

Do you know what is the best way to keep your readers happy? Give them interesting and useful stuff to read ! Yeah, it’s easy to say. Every self-respecting blogger wants to be appreciated and to be able to always hit the right cut to give to their posts. You know, those articles that make you […]

Mailing List : Creation, Maintenance, Enhancement, Monetization!

The money is in the list ! This is what I always read – and it is always been said by popular bloggers. One of the most important things for those who want to earn money online is to “create a mailing list” . Email Marketing is a strategy that uses electronic mail to promote products […]

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