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Sponsored posts and product reviews are an affordable way to share your site, product, or service with our audience. Your article will be published on the regular WBB feed among our regular articles.

You can submit sponsored posts up to 1,000 words in length. Within that article you are free to include images, video clips, testimonials, and external links that sell your product. However, we only accept sponsored posts that will interest our readers and give value to them.

I can also do a review of a product you wish to promote. I would need to have access to to product in order to review it. I will test it thoroughly and then publish a 1000 word honest review of the product you supply.

Note: WBB doesn’t want to confuse readers between regular and advertising content, so the top of your post will display this notice: “The following article has been sponsored by ______.” We must also use nofollow rules on your link/s to abide by Google’s terms of service concerning sponsored content.

The rate for one sponsored post or product review is $50.

For an extra $50 fee, we can construct an article using information that you supply. You will be able to preview the article and suggest changes before it goes live on the site.

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We reserved the right to approve or decline articles – it must be blogging related and fit within the current categories of this blog.

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