7 Great Places to Find Fresh Content

FreSh!Whether you’re new to the blogging scene, or a seasoned veteran, finding fresh blogging ideas can sometimes be a challenge.  However, it doesn’t have to be.

Yesterday’s post showed you seven ways to find blog ideas, today’s post will show you where to go to find fresh content to jump start your writing.

Fresh content can be found in myriad places, you just have to know where to look.  Listed below are seven places to find great ideas and blogging topics for your next post.


Reddit is a news aggregator site that allows readers to vote — up or down — for articles and blog posts.  Therefore, the top vote getters are those that are most interesting to the readers, not the editors.  Also, since the site updates nearly every minute, you know you’re getting the content that most readers find interesting right now.  Many great blog posts come from writing about current events.


According to Wikipedia, “StumbleUpon is a discovery engine (a form of web search engine) that finds and recommends web content to its users.”  Since you are probably looking for a blog topic within a particular niche or genre, SU can help you out by sending information about that topic right to your browser.  Need ideas about blogging?  Just stumble the topic of blogging.  You can do the same for any other subject as well.


What makes Technorati unique is the fact that it is a search engine for blogs.  As a result, the site makes searching for a specific topic fairly simple.  Topics are arranged by the tags that are used by the author of the blog post.  The site then aggregates the posts into categories including technology, social media, entertainment, and so on.  However, there is also a search function that allows you to find any topic of your choosing.  Therefore, finding new blog ideas should not be difficult.


I have written about finding fresh content on Twitter before.  Twitter has several ways for you to find great ideas.  Simply use hashtag and regular searches with your topic or subject matter, and twitter will return an entire list of the most recent tweets containing your search terms.  You can then use these tweets to springboard into your next perfect post.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a really good way to identify what people are searching for on the internet.  It lists the most recent search terms and trends.  This is another great way to find current topics for blog posts.


Searching through blogging forums is also a great way to find possible blog post ideas.  Many people ask questions in these bulletin board environments, which gives you the opportunity to write a blog post that answers these questions.  For example, if you have a technology blog, you could search through the technology forums and write posts based on the questions you find about gadgets, hardware, software, etc.


Sometimes you just need to walk away from your computer, laptop, tablet, phone, etc., and just experience the outside world.  Life is full of stories, anecdotes, and examples, from which you can draw new inspiration.  You should always carry a notebook with you as you journey so that you can write down things that you see, hear, feel, taste, and smell.  You never know where that next awesome blog post will come from.

I hope you find these ideas helpful and I’d like to hear how you find fresh content and inspiration.  Leave a comment below and then share the love with a Retweet, Like, or Pin!

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