6 Signs That You’re A Better Blogger – From A Snake Called ‘Smith’

I know a snake called Smith.

My friend Smith!

Image by aehack, on Flickr

No! I’m not joking.

He lives at an Animal Preservation Centre a few miles away and I owe him so much.

Not only did he help me chase away a life -long snake phobia but he also taught me loads about blogging.

Here are 6 Signs That You’re A Better Blogger, from a Snake Called Smith.

Sign 1.   You are highly motivated.

My phobia had lived with me since childhood. I had taught myself to avoid any ‘snake’ situations -

  • school visits to the reptile house at the zoo, when I was teaching,
  • TV wildlife programmes that MIGHT have involved snakes,
  • pictures in magazines/books (looking at the image on this post would have been impossible for me.)

After facing my worst fear – a life threatening illness – I decided that I could face anything.

I was sponsored to handle a live snake.

I was totally motivated.

How about you?

How important is blogging, to you?

How motivated are you to make a difference?

Sign 2.   You spend a lot of time preparing.

In order to cure my phobia I had to undertake a lot of preparation.

I worked with a psychologist who showed me what to do.

It took about 6 months but I reached my goal.

What about you?

  • Do you read as much as you can about blogging?
  • Do you follow the advice out there?
  • Do you work hard on your headlines?
  • Do you find out what your readers want from your blog?
  • Do you solve your readers’ problems?

If you prepare thoroughly, you’re more likely to succeed.

Sign 3.   You show commitment.

  • I knew I wouldn’t cure the phobia overnight.
  • I knew I’d have days when I wanted to give up.
  • I knew it wouldn’t be simple to do.
  • I was prepared to stick at it.

Your blog will need all the above, and more…

I have had times when I asked myself what it was all for, when I wondered why I’d even started a blog, when I told myself I was a rubbish blogger.

But I didn’t allow these things to hold me back.

How committed are you?

Sign 4.   You are passionate.

(I’m talking about blogging here but if you want to read more into this…!)

I so wanted to handle that snake and was prepared to do whatever it took to do so.

Everyone I told about it thought I was mad, saying that they couldn’t do it.

But I was determined and didn’t want to let my sponsors down.

How about you?

  • Do you worry about what non-bloggers say?
  • Are you put off when you receive a negative comment?
  • Do you love writing your posts?
  • Is blogging the main thing on your mind?
  • Can you think of anything else you’d rather be doing? (Careful…)

Blogging needs passion. Full stop.

Sign 5.   You’re not shy to ask for advice and help.

I would never have handled Smith the snake without help.

The psychologist, the library, my sponsors, my family, all contributed and encouraged my efforts.

Do you ask for help from your fellow bloggers?

  • … with blog design?
  • … with tech stuff?
  • … with knowing how often you should post?
  • … with how to deal with spam comments?
  • … with how to add multi-media from U-Tube/Flickr?

I have been amazed at how helpful bloggers are. I often send an SOS email to Kiesha, Brankica or Mavis to ask for guidance and back comes the solution!  Problem solved.

Sign 6.   You get excited!

I can’t tell you how excited I was, the day I met and handled Smith.

The bottom line was, I’d achieved what had seemed impossible for years.

It was a privilege to meet him and I was in tears of disbelief when I held him.

I squeaked and eeeeked with excitement as we drove home.

Do you get excited when -

  • Someone leaves a flattering comment?
  • You find a brilliant idea for a post?
  • You have a new subscriber?
  • You sort out how to upload your own photos?
  • You re-design your sidebar?
  • Your stats show a spike?

Of course you do.

You show all 6 Signs That You’re a Better Blogger.

In the comments -

Do tell us about any Signs  that you’re on the  ‘Better Blogging Road’.

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