5 Tips to Write Exceptionally Better Blog Posts

Blogging = writing

How many of you believe this?

No matter what your answer to making a blog successful, your writing should be good to take your blog to the next level, agree?

Most bloggers fail because they don’t know how to write their blog posts.

If you want to write your next blog posts better, try following these tips. I’m sure you can bring more quality to your blog.

1. Your headline is the king:

Most people will say that the ‘content is king’. When you talk more precisely, it’s not that the content is king, it is.. your headlines. Most online readers are lazy, they’ll always love to skim through the topics.

When you can’t grab their attention with your headlines, they’ll NOT click on your blog posts. So make sure your headlines are attention grabbing. No matter how good the content inside, you need to create compelling titles to quickly create an impact on your visitors. Great titles serve as the gateways to allow more readers in.

Here are few simple tips to write great headlines.

1. Include numbers

2. Start with a How to

3. Tweak the popular blog posts titles (and make them even better)

2. Use appealing images to grab attention

An image worth a million words, it’s REALLY true! Images are what make your blog posts go viral. If your images are appealing and relevant to the blog posts, you can grab more readers attention. Moreover they serve as an eye feast, when they get tired of reading lengthy blog posts, images can help you get over their tiresome.

You can use either creative commons licensed images, or free stock photos to use on your blog (by giving a proper credit to their sites). Or you can buy premium images to use on your blog posts (no credit required and you’ll get awesome images).

3. Don’t keyword stuff your blog posts

This is one of the dumbest mistakes that most bloggers make. Keyword stuffing your blog posts won’t give you better search traffic! Instead, if you focus on finding the ‘desired keywords’ and bringing links to that specific keywords from others sites, you can get long lasting traffic. Always give first priority to the readers, not for the robots.

In this penguin and panda world, you can’t really ignore search engine traffic though, but keyword stuffing will take you nowhere, except killing your blog’s credibility.

4. Always use the word YOU

This is one of the top copywriting tips to create engaging content. You’re writing for the readers, right? Why don’t you mix up some personality to it? When you write as you’re directly talking to your readers, you can create more ENGAGING contents than ever before. Your readers will also love this kind of personality.

So make sure you’re always writing for the sake of readers and adding some tone to your blog posts. This way you can breathe NEW life into your blog posts, thus making more impact on your readers. This will also help you turn normal readers into loyal readers for your blog.

5. Don’t forget to add a CTA

Most bloggers will forget adding a call to action (CTA) at the end of their blog posts. Don’t do this mistake on your blog posts, try including a question or asking your readers something at the end of your posts.

You can ask your readers something like;

  • Sharing your blog posts,
  • Subscribing to your newsletter,
  • Following you on twitter or Facebook
  • Leaving a blog comment

Your readers will certainly do this, if they find your blog posts useful.

Do you’ve any more tips to write better blog posts? Share them below.

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