5 Things I Did to Make My Blog Take Off

I don’t need to say that I know all of you reading this blog love Kiesha.

First post of hers I have ever read, got me hooked enough that this is one blog I never miss reading. So you can imagine how happy I was to be asked to write something here.

The main question I get asked a lot is how my blog moved forward so fast. When I sit down to think about it, I don’t think I did anything special. I followed some basic rules and it worked.

But if I dig a bit deeper, I think I know the perfect answer to this question: I actually applied the stuff I learned.

How many times did you read a great post that gives you a really hot tip, commented on it saying you will use it and never did? That is what most people do.

Well I am a doer and here are the top 5 things I did to make my blog move forward:

1. I knew some things before I started!

A lot of new blogs are written by – new bloggers. They don’t know anything about blogging when they start.

They want to make thousands of dollars in the first three months but have no idea about basic online business principles.

Most of my readers know I came from the “Site Build It! school”, meaning I used SBI and learned from it. I learned basics of SEO, traffic generation, affiliate marketing, business building, etc. OK, I am not applying all of that to my blog obviously, but I have reasons why I don’t.

Learn before you start. Sure, you need to learn as you go, but you have to know the basics before you start. Isn’t it better to do the SEO (or anything else) right from the start than go back and fix all of your posts?

2. I built relationships

I used Twitter to connect with people way before my blog turned out to be what it is now. Twitter is by no means the only social media you can and should use, but it is a great way to connect.

Follow people whose blogs you like to read. If they don’t follow back, so what! Try to connect with them. Ask questions. Share their posts you loved reading.

Trust me, most of the bloggers will appreciate it and try to “repay” the favor in some way.

3. I commented

I could never understand the big fuss about do-follow and no-follow blogs and how everyone goes crazy when they hear a blog is a no-follow. Are you commenting for links only? You are not gonna have much success then!

The reasons I comment:

  • I like the post and want to make sure the author knows it
  • I have an opinion about it
  • I have an additional question
  • and from time to time, I have actually something smart to add

I commented many times with CommentLuv option turned off. I still do it. I am not there for the links. Great if I get one, but if I comment on every post on a blog multiple times, I am sure gonna be fair enough and show that I am there cause I am genuinely interested in the post.

4. I was honest

I think my big breakthrough was actually a post I wrote that kinda had many bloggers involved – Human spammer (http://live-your-love.com/human-spammer-lose-reputation-blogger/).

I was annoyed with some comments left on my blog and made a post about it. I was just being honest about something that bugged me.

Turned out that I “discovered” a person that wasn’t completely honest in commenting on blogs and a really big discussion developed.

A post that got so many comments was in addition shared at a lot of places and linked to on several occasions. So more people heard about my blog and more people came to see it. Some stayed.

Be honest what ever you do. If you are selling something be honest about if it will help people. Be honest about your opinion when it comes to products you tried. Just don’t lie, that is all.

5. I did my SEO good

My top traffic source at the moment is the big G. Followed by other search engines. That means I did my SEO by the book and they found me.

Here are two quick tips you can use to jump start your Search Engine traffic:

  • Write about new stuff – Be one of the first ones to write about something. Review a new product, software, book. You will be picked up by SE even before others write about it.
  • Don’t go for the big keywords at the beginning. If  you are trying to rank your blog for “SEO” how long do you think it will take you? Do some keyword research and use the words with lower numbers. You will rank easier.

I know most of you will say “But that is nothing new”. Exactly. But are you doing all 5 things!? And if you are, are you doing them right?

If you need “one-on-one” help, you know I am here to help. You can always contact me through my blog and ask questions. I will help if I can. And if by any chance I have no idea how to help you, at least I will point you to someone that can.

I am blogging at Live Your Love blog and trying to help those who want to learn how to blog like a star.

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