5 Tantalizing Ways To Expose Yourself On Social Media

To leverage social media, you need to let go of your inhibitions, pull back the curtain, and expose yourself.

NO! Not THAT kind of exposure.

We get exposed to enough of that on the “other” media.

I’m talking about exposing your business, your brand, and your brilliance on social media venues.

5 Tantalizing Social Media Exposure Techniques:

1.  Find A Small Pond Of Fish

… and be the BIG fish.

Don’t set out to rule the sea.  It’s too vast.  You’ll run the risk of losing your bearings or getting swept away by the tides.

Or worse yet, eaten by sharks!

Having an intimate group of social media fans and followers will give you the greatest chance of developing and nurturing lasting (and lucrative) relationships.

Becoming the “go-to” king mackerel in a small pond of highly-targeted prospects gives you a big leading edge for social media marketing success.

50,000 social media fans and followers is an ocean.

Find a pond, instead, and keep your head above sea level.

2.  Spend Your Social Currency

… and BRAG a lot.

But DON’T brag about yourself.

No one (except your mom) gives a hoot if you’re the top pipe cleaner salesman this side of the Mississippi and you have a wall covered in awards to prove it.

“What’s in it for me?” is the only thing your ideal client or customer wants to know.

So give these folks what they crave.  Give your target audience hefty doses “validation” — feed them “social proof”.

Share case studies, reviews, and testimonials.  Tell stories of how you helped someone land their first client, build their first website, get more visitors to their blog, produce a video, or book their first speaking engagement.

Believe it or not, people EXPECT you to brag.

After all, no one wants to work with a timid, nondescript loser.

So be sure spend your social currency wisely!

Spend it on your prospects.

3.  Do Something Remarkable

… and noteworthy.

Being remarkable doesn’t mean performing feats that are far-fetched, astonishing, or outrageous.

You’re not Lady Gaga or Superman!

Your goal on social media is to get others to “remark” about you — e.g. share your Facebook updates, Re-Tweet your blog posts, announce your special events to their followers, endorse you on LinkedIn, and recommend your products or services.

If you give them good reason, the list of ways people can remark about you is a mile long.

Make it a high priority to create remarkable blog content, articles, videos, podcasts, teleseminars, info products, webinars, internet radio shows, and irresistible freebie offers.

When people start talking about you on social media (in positive and promotional ways), you’ll know you’re doing something remarkable!

4.  Being Interested Is Being Interesting

… and engaging.

People are asking questions all over social media - questions YOU can answer.

Spend time on forums, Quora, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs, or any social media venue and, inevitably, someone will have a question.

Start answering these questions and you’ll not only be showing interest in others, you’ll be showcasing your expertise and building your brand.

Let people know you’re interested in helping them solve their problems and reach their goals.


There’s one little caveat attached to this tip …

The ways in which you show interest in people have to come from a sincere place in your heart.

Sincerity cannot be fabricated and trust cannot be manufactured.

You can’t “fudge” your way through relationship building.  Taking that approach will come back to haunt you.

5.  Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

… and reciprocity rules!

You’ve seen this in action in the real world and social media is no exception.

Sorry to hurt your feelings … but nobody cares about “You”.

Having one-way conversations by posting “Me, Me, Me” messages and promotions simply doesn’t work.

You may not be prepared to hear this, but successful social media marketing means “giving” before “getting”.

Remember these two words and I guarantee your success …

“Compliment” and “Comment”.

Give others a thumbs up, a shout out, or kudos for a wonderful blog post, an inspirational quote, a helpful resource, or a story that added value to your life or your business.  Make people aware of how much you appreciate and admire their expertise.

Perpetual “Selling” is not proper social media etiquette and you’ll be quickly labeled as hype-y and placed on the “do-not-network-with-this-person” list.

Do your part to put other peacocks in the spotlight so they can strut their stuff.

Flatter them so their beautiful peacock feathers fan out fashionably and proudly.

And before you know it, you’ll be standing side by side with them, basking in the warm glow of the limelight.

So …

Now that we’ve pulled back the curtain …
Get out there and expose yourself!


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