5 Simple Website Tweaks You Can Try Tonight

Tim Ferris talks about a concept called the Minimum Effective Dose, which says that there are ways to get the best results with a small amount of work and effort. Tim uses his body as a guinea pig in order to find that minimum dose for body manipulation.

That same concept can be applied to your website or blog. There are small tweaks that you can try tonight to improve the results you’re getting right now; whether that’s getting more subscribers or getting less spam. The tweaks that I’m gonna be sharing with you today should take you less than hour to do.

Yes. You can perform all 5 tweaks in under an hour. Also, please note that I can’t guarantee any improvements. The only way to know if these will help is if you actually test them out for yourself. So here we go.

Tweak #1. Submit Button Wording

Most blog I visit have an opt-in form at the top right-hand side of the blog. This area is prime real estate on your blog, and 100% of your visitors will see it. On average a blog gets about a 2 – 3% conversion rate, but it can be improved just by changing the wording on your submit button.

Free Instant Access works great. It was working well for me for a long time. Now, I’m using JOIN NOW and that is giving me a good conversion rate as well. If you’re using the generic “SUBMIT” button, you’re definitely losing out on subscribers. Words are very powerful so I really recommend testing the wording in this area and see what works best for you.

Tweak #2. Give Them Something To Look At

Another simple tweak you can do tonight is to add an image for your Lead Magnet. If you’re giving away a free report, you can pay someone 5 bucks on Fiverr.com to create a ebook cover for you so that your blog visitors can SEE what they’re getting before they opt-in to download it.

The image makes the lead magnet real. It makes the PDF report something they can hold with their hands. I’m not using an image on my sidebar opt-in form, but I do use images for my other lead magnets on the landing pages. Here’s an screenshot of the landing page for my From Zero To Blogger Video course.

As you can see the course consists of videos and pdf documents.

Tweak #3. Make It Clear With Audio

You want less spam hitting your inbox everyday? Add a simple audio message to your contact page and it’s done. I created a 1 minute and 34 second audio clip explaining the ways to get in contact with me and what I shouldn’t get contacted for. I did that specifically for the “SEO Services” dudes that decide to pitch their stuff through your contact form.(very annoying)

Anyhow. This really helped decrease the number of spam emails I would get and increased the emails that needed my attention. Now I spend more time answering reader questions and less time digging through junk mail. All you gotta do now is just do it.

Tweak #4. Add a “Start Here” Section To Your Sidebar

The “Start Here” section (or introduction) of your blog should be added somewhere everyone will see it. The point of this section is to get new visitors up-to-speed with whatever it is you’re sharing with your audience. It should direct them to your most popular articles and articles in which you explain your philosophy behind your main blog topic.

I use a Start Here section a bit differently that people like Pat or Corbett do. Pat created an entire page with videos and links to his best posts on passive income, while Corbett simply has a sidebar widget directing his readers to his popular ones.  I, on the other hand, created a number of pages that you can find on the top navigation that introduces the reader to the topics I cover on my blog.
You can do it however you like, but pick one and do it.

Tweak #5.  Add a Subscription Box in your About Page

The about page is one of the most visited pages on your site. New visitors often wonder who the blog owner is and what they’re all about, so they click over and read the about me page. If you’re not giving those visitors an opportunity to opt-in to your email list, then you’re losing out on even more subscribers.

Adding a subscription box to your About me page takes a few minutes; there’s no reason why you should have one. Take a minute and do it now; you’ll be glad you did.  =)

On To You..

Have you found any other simple website tweaks that can lead to great results? What have you tested in the past? Let us know in the comments section below.  Let’s chat.

Hector Cuevas offers Blog Marketing Tips at Inboundpro where he blogs about getting more traffic, building an audience, and growing your business. Don’t forget to connect with him on Twitter

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