5 Simple SEO Tips for Better Blogging

seoSearch engine optimization, or SEO as it is more commonly called, is simply the process of setting up each post on your blog so that it will rank high enough in search engine results for potential visitors and readers to see it and hopefully click the link to visit your site.

In order to help you do this better, here are 5 simple SEO tips for better blogging.

Include a Relevant Image

We all know by now that post images — especially featured images — are particularly important.  The best way to catch a potential reader’s eye and get them to click through to your post, besides a catchy title, is with a great, high quality, relevant image.

There are many ways to find images, both paid and free, so there is no reason you can’t have an eye-popping picture featured on each and every post.  In fact, with the growth of Pinterest, your pic should be considered pin-worthy.  In addition, you should check out this post from Lisa Buben about the lasting power of Pinterest pins.

Create Internal Links

Assuming your blog is as finely focused on your niche as it should be, it stands to reason that you would have other posts on your site that are related in some way to the post you are currently writing.  That being said, you can boost your overall SEO strategy by linking to other posts on your blog within the body of your post.  For example, here is a post on this site about better blogging.

Keywords are Key

First, keyword density is important.  Google might penalize you in their search rankings if you over stuff your post with the same keyword.  Keeping your keyword density around 3-5% should keep you safe.  Second, it’s not enough to just have your keyword density correct.  Your meta description, post title, and post slug should all contain the keyword as well.

Set Up Google Authorship

With the recent changes to Google’s algorithms (again) and the strong growth (finally) of Google Plus, it is now more important than ever that you set up Google Authorship on every post to ensure you get the proper credit for your awesome, original content.  It’s a rather simple process to connect your blog to Google Plus and then link your post back to the social sharing site — especially if you use a plugin to help you out.  Here is a post on the benefits of Google Authorship in your SEO campaign.

Create High Quality Content

Last, but certainly not least, we all know that content is still king!  As with keyword stuffing, Google will also penalize your blog in their search rankings if you don’t follow other writing rules as well — namely, write your own original content and use your keywords in organic, natural, dynamics ways.  While you want to rank highly in search engines, your posts should still be written for human readership, which means it should flow and be easy to read.

Here is a neat little infographic if you want to find more simple steps to SEO.  What do you think about your own SEO strategy?  I would love to hear what steps you take on your own site in the comment section below.

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