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5 SEO Tips to Follow Religiously

It takes time to build up the reputation and fame of a business or website. With the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your site will gradually inch its way up to the first page of search engine results.

Most websites have learned and applied the SEO technique to use their business name or keywords in the pages’ URLs. However, SEO does not stop there. You need to continuously and religiously follow other SEO tips to ensure that your site stays on the path towards first page rankings.

Below are five SEO tips everyone who owns a website can use. If followed regularly, it can mean the difference between rising up to your competitors and getting lost among hundreds of other sites in your industry.

Focus on Your Selling Point

Everything from your home page to every other page in your website has to be focused on what makes you different from your competitors. Why did you build your business or website in the first place? You have to have something to offer that others do not.

One thing to remember about marketing online is that it helps to serve local areas. A common misconception about internet is that since it is global, you have to focus on more general keywords. If you have a business based in New York and you can deliver couture clothes and accessories within the state, then that is your focus. You can have keywords such as “couture clothes and accessories” or “free delivery in New York” sprinkled throughout your site. Make sure every page is related to your specific business.

Content Planning

If you plan on stuffing keywords on every page, stop for a while and think. You have to strategize and plan carefully on what content to post and how. While spun articles can help you put up a lot of content on your site, this is not the way to go. Readers will sooner or later realize that you are talking about the same thing over and over—using different wordings.

You have to have original and unique content that is interesting and easy to read. Plan ahead and decide how you will present the content. From the title to the resource box, every article’s flow must be engaging. Every page has to focus on an interesting content relevant to your selling point.

Internal Linking

Come up with a strongly organized and well-planned internal linking system for your website. If you have followed SEO tips on article marketing, you know that there must be a unique topic for every page of the site. Incorporate into each page any related articles or other pages that readers will be interested to look into. This will aid in the search engine optimization of the page, and ultimately, the site.

Build Up Backlinks

Aside from having links within your website, it also helps to have outbound links that connect to relevant posts of other sites. Regularly check other sites and see whether you can help to contribute to their content by stating your comments and adding backlinks toward your site. It helps to connect with other website or business owners that are in the same industry as yours. Remember not to spam them in the process.

Make it Easy to Crawl

Keeping every existing and new page easy for search engines to index and crawl makes your site searchable in every level. As you create more pages for your website, remember to keep them in your site map with appropriate titles and tags.

Patience, as they say, is a virtue. It will take a while before your site can build its established presence among internet users. Be patient and keep working on these SEO tips for your site to be optimized and land on the first page of search results. These tips will earn you profit in the long run.

Kim Maureen Datumanong works with Free Business Opportunity Ads – a premier resource for everything relating to free business advertising, free classifieds ads and making money online.