5 Secrets to Create that ‘Must Read’ Blog Post

Mr. Cloud is reading puddings diary...You have 27 Blog Updates sitting in your Inbox or Reader.

You’ve finished your writing for the day so  it’s OK to have a browse.

  • Which one do you choose first?
  • What makes you click away in disappointment?

Let’s look at your blog post reading habits and learn from them.

Here are my 10 Secrets to Create that ‘Must Read’ Blog Post.

1.   Your Headline is Key.

OK, we all know this.

All the Blogging Superstars tell us this, time and time again.

But here’s the thing –

Do you listen to what they’re telling you?

Do you spend enough time working on your Headline?

Or do you want to get on with writing the post first?

I have come to realise the importance of giving almost as much time to my HL as I do to the post. (Well, I did say almost.)

2.   Solve a problem.

When I write for WBB, I try to think about the problems that concerned me when I started blogging.

So many… enough ideas for a million posts.

I get excited when I see a post which promises to solve a problem for me.

Someone out there is ‘on my side’, knows how it feels to be unsure, offers to stand in my shoes.

This is what you must try to do for your readers, whatever your niche might be.

You must try to solve a problem

3.   Keep your promise.

Focus on the promise you made in your HL and only on that.

Don’t disappoint your reader by writing off track, off the point.

If you haven’t started to solve their problem in the first paragraph or so, as you promised, guess what?

Off they’ll fly.

4.  Reveal yourself.

In my ‘other blog ‘I try to help people with confidence issues, making decisions, facing fears.

I always use my personal and coaching experiences to illustrate my points.  I want my readers to know that I do know how they feel. I don’t simply quote theories, I start by putting myself in their situation. I empathise.

When you’re writing to solve a problem, it’s vital that your readers can trust you to tell the truth, to show you have some experiences to bring to their situation.

5.   Offer your best for free.

By this I mean –

  • your best writing
  • your best guidance
  • your best ‘friendship’
  • your best examples
  • your best contacts
  • your best links
  • your best understanding

If you do,

they’ll smile, they’ll Tweet your work, they’ll consider subscribing, they’ll link to your blog ,

but most important of all, they won’t fly away.

Your turn!

In the comments, share a secret you’ve found to create that must ‘Read Blog’ post.

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