5 Reasons Why you Should Start Guest Posting Now

Guest Posting is an easiest way to generate high quality traffic, backlinks, subscribers etc to your blog. You can even built relationship with a-list bloggers with guest posting. Guest blogging isn’t just about getting traffic; it is much more than that.  My friend Onibalusi Bamidele is making hundreds of thousands of dollars every month and you know what, it all started with guest posting.

In this post I’m going to share 5 reasons why you should start guest posting now.

1. Traffic

You can drive hundreds of visitors by just writing a quality guest post. One thing I like about it is it only takes an hour or half to write a guest post. I even think it is much better than any other traffic generation method.
If you still haven’t started to think about doing guest posting then look at this case study (http://www.youngprepro.com/inside-guest-blogging/), how much traffic a single guest post can send to your blog.

2. Backlinks

Guest posting is the best way to get generate high quality backlinks. One good quality backlink from guest post is worth a hundred or maybe even several hundred low-quality backlinks from article directories, blog directories etc.
The quality of the blog on which you’re posting your guest post is the key to getting a good quality backlink.

3. Build your email list

It is something why I love guest posting, apart from getting good traffic and backlinks, you can build your email list. One of my guest posts did so well on MaxBlogPress, that it sent me more than 200 subscribers within few hours of the post going live. The key to get more subscribers/leads from guest posting is – to link directly to your landing page.

4. Relationships

Building relationships is the key to get successful in any business. Developing relationship with other bloggers/marketers is same as developing friendships.

This is exactly what I did to promote Technshare, in the earlier days. I don’t think I’d be able to build the highly successful multi authors blog without building relationship with other bloggers.

5. Increase your brand awareness

By doing guest posts on blogs like Technshare (mine), FamousBloggers, WeBlogBetter etc, you can gain exposure to your brand as an expert. I’ve done very few guest posts and I still get traffic from search engines for keywords like “guest post by devesh” or “guest post by Technshare”. That shows how my brand is spreading!

Community Discussion
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Do you have anything to add? Does this post encouraged you to start guest posting? I would love to hear your experience with guest posting in the comments below.

Devesh is an young entrepreneur and founder of Blokube, a social blogging community for bloggers & marketers. He is also running an popular multi authors blog, Technshare.com.

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