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5 Reasons Why Every Blogger Should Accept Online Payments

It’s a digital age, and one of the great things about being a blogger is that not only can we do our work online, but we can also accept online payment for our work!

Some of us might be more traditional and like the feeling of that cold, hard check in hand, or the sight of the check arriving in the depths of a pile of mail, but we’re going to give you five reasons why a change in that perspective will be well worthwhile.

Receive payments immediately

Because the US Postal Service is moving slower these days due to cutbacks and lesser staff, a check mailed from the East Coast to the West Coast, for example, could take over a week.

Receive your payment immediately with the acceptance of online payments. You can even offer to accept a credit card for one-off transactions. Just be sure to find a great credit card merchant service who doesn’t charge exorbitantly high transaction fees.

Don’t ever go to the bank again

One of the joys of being a blogger is that in most cases, it allows you to work from home. Accepting online payments makes life so much easier by enabling you never to have to set foot at a bank or ATM for deposits again. Avoid the lines, hassles, and wasted time that a banking experience tends to afford.

Save a tree

This one’s easy. It’s a lot better for the environment not to be printing out checks and using an envelope to mail them in. Additionally, the US Postal Service impacts the environment in its travels to get that check to you. So be kind to the earth and accept payment for your work online.

Live up to or enhance your reputation for being tech-savvy

You’re a blogger–your world exists online as far as your employer is concerned. To request that you be sent hard checks to compensate your online work runs quite contrary to your tech-savvy identity.


If you don’t want to give out your mailing address or other personal information, acceptance of online payments is a great way to keep your blogging cave address private. Generally all you will need to supply in the case of online payments is an email address in the case of PayPal, and in a worst case situation, your bank account information if you are on a repeat payment plan with a customer. You’ll need to supply nothing if you use a credit card merchant service and accept credit card payments.

[Editor's note:  If you set up a Paypal business account, you can apply for a Debit card - your money is available as soon as your payment comes through and you can use it to make purchases anywhere that accepts Mastercard.  You can even make withdrawals from any ATM.]

In short, it seems silly (and inconsistent with your online identity) for a blogger not to accept online payments for their online work. It’s a hassle to have to deposit hard checks in the bank, it’s not great for the environment, it takes more time for receipt of payments, and it doesn’t afford the level of privacy you might prefer.

In addition, it is probably far more convenient for your customer to handle the payment process online. You can never go wrong in making things easier for your customer.