5 Actionable Tips to Make Your Blog Successful

Who else wants to be successful in blogging?

Hands down..

Here are 5 tips to make your blog successful. What more interesting in this post is: you can right away apply them on your blog after reading the post.

USP is what makes your blog stand out

The Blogosphere is heavily crowded. You need to stand out from the crowd to make your blog successful.

How can you do that?

Do you’ve a Unique Selling Point (USP)?

First off, let me clear what does it mean by USP..

I REALLY hate scientific words.. I don’t want to confuse you with the complex words..

In simple terms, USP means “why someone will buy from you instead of others?”

You got my point?

Answer now..

I don’t need to drag this point, because you know it better than anyone else.

Content is directly proportional to traffic

There’s no rocket science behind making your blog successful.

You have to have great content.

That’s it.

If you’ve engaging content, it’ll stand out from the crowd.

More interesting point is, many bloggers will think that content creation and driving traffic is two separate phases. But they’re actually not.

They’re directly proportional to each other.

Yep.. your content is what brings you traffic. So always make sure you’re creating great stuff on your blog to drive quality traffic.

Social media engagement

Networking is the key to succeed online. No matter how old your blog is, it needs great connections to go viral.

Otherwise no one knows that you’ve a blog.

Three key points in social media engagement are:

  1. Be genuinely interested in helping others
  2. Give them something instead of asking
  3. Provide value


If there’s one secret that separates others from you, that’ll be copywriting.

Your copy matters A LOT.

Copywriting is the process of writing ‘tight copy’ (removing all the useless words and making the content as tight as possible).

No one will like to read your contents when it’s

  • Generic
  • No personal touch or
  • All-about-me approach

Make sure your copy is persuading. It should convey the MEAT as well as it should have a personal tone.

Three ways to become a great copywriter:

  1. Read more (so that you can steal others writing style) – great writers don’t imitate, they steal!
  2. Write more (practice makes a writer great writer)
  3. Edit more (caution: don’t edit while writing, editing should be done after writing)

Use the word YOU as many times as possible. This will directly impact on your blog, are YOU getting me?

Unclutter your blog design

Keep your blog design simple. Cluttering is the #1 killer for any web design. The best way to keep your blog design focused is this: have 3 goals.

Goal 1: What’s the first thing your visitors should do after landing on your blog?

Goal 2: What’s the second action that you want to give to them?

Goal 3: If they don’t take any action from the above, what’s the last thing that you want to make them to do?

Let me clarify this more clearly..

For example..

If your #1 goal is collecting emails from your readers, put the optin forms in the most visible places or consider using a landing page to get more leads.

If your readers are not interested in taking action on your #1 goal, then give them the second option.

Something like, connecting with you on social media sites like Facebook, twitter etc.

And the final goal can be either commenting on your blog posts or sharing your content etc.

Pro tip: White space is sexy in blog design. Don’t clutter it by using every widget under the sun.

Over to you:

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