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4 Reasons You Must Bin Your Blog – Now!

Sorry to be the bringer of bad news…

but it’s true!

Bin Your Blog Now!

It’s no good covering your ears (OK, eyes), there’s no escape.

Your blog is… doomed.

End of.

Here are my 4 Reasons You Must Bin Your Blog.

1.   You Must Bin Your Blog because -

Your enthusiasm flew out the window.

  • Remember those early days? When you thought of nothing else except your blog?
  • Remember writing lists of exciting post ideas?
  • Remember getting up very early so you could edit a post before breakfast?

Don’t despair!

We can turn this around.

You can find your lost enthusiasm.

All you have to do is -

Read some of your early posts and then read some recent ones. See how far you’ve come? See how much better your posts are now? Think how much more progress there is waiting for you. Just give yourself time. Focus on what your readers want you to write about and your enthusiasm to help them will return. You can’t leave them now!

2.   You Must Bin Your Blog because -

You know you’ll never be as good as the blogs you read.

  • Every day you read posts from expert bloggers.
  • Every day you lose your confidence to write well.
  • Every day you compare yourself badly with the experienced guys in the blog world.

Don’t despair!

We can turn this around.

You can learn from the ‘experts’ -

All you have to do is -

Realise that reading posts from these experts can teach you so much.

You can learn -

  •  how to structure a post,
  • how to get readers intrigued with headlines and hooked with your first lines,
  • how to focus on your readers’ needs.

The list of things you can learn from reading blogs you admire is endless. Instead of comparing yourself unfavourably with the experts, be thankful that they’re there as role models for successful blogging.

Try studying a post you admire. Make a list of the features you like and that you can use to improve your posts. There’s so much to learn – why not learn from the best!

3.   You Must Bin Your Blog because -

You need more subscribers.

Don’t we all!

  • You dream about a post going ‘viral’.
  • You dream about pushing up your subscriber count to… well… to where you’d like it to be!
  • You dream of a sudden spike in your stats showing a rush of new readers.

Don’t despair!

We can turn this around.

You can find those subscribers.

All you have to do is…

  • Find the blogging experts who have written about just this problem – how to get more subscribers. (Start here, on WBB!)
  • Follow the endless posts of tips out there to increase your traffic.
  • Just google ‘How to get more blog subscribers’ and see what comes up. That’s what google is for!
  • Most important of all, make sure your posts are the best you can do, and that you’re meeting the needs of everyone who visits your blog. Traffic won’t come unless you work hard and you give your reader a compelling reason to return to your blog.
Readers will only subscribe if you make it clear how much benefit they’ll get from doing so.
4.   You Must Bin Your Blog because -
You’re not at all technical.
  • You envy the blogs you read who have fascinating ‘techy’ features in their sidebars that you can’t create.
  • You envy the way some blogs are designed and know you’d be out of your depth to try to do the same.
  • You envy brilliant looking header designs but tell yourself you’ll never get one like that.
Don’t despair!
We can turn this around.
There’s plenty of help out there!
All you have to do is -
  • Search for help on line or from your blogging friends.
  • Join the A-List Blogger Club  (yes, I’m an affiliate member), where everyone is queueing up to help you. If they can’t, they’ll tell you about a ‘man who can’. Through the club, I found someone to move my blog to a new ‘theme’ and to help with my header.
  • Take up brilliant offers like I did. Stanford of Pushing Social is offering a ‘Spectacular Blog Review for a small charge. (Money very well spent.) He reviewed my ‘other’ blog and I’ve taken his advice and refreshed my focus and my design. There is so much help out there; all you have to do is…ask.
In the Comments -
  1. When you feel like binning your blog, what do you do to turn your negative thinking around?
  2. What keeps you motivated when things seem to grind slowly for you?
Image by Leo Reynolds on Flickr.