4 Reasons Mediocre Doesn’t Cut it With Guest Posting

You have just made a pitch to post on a high quality blog. You assured the blogger that you will write an article that their audience will appreciate. Maybe you could get a post published that you didn’t put much effort into. However, you will need to work hard on developing any strategy if you want results as an Internet marketer. Guest blogging isn’t any different.

Why would you spend more time writing a post for someone else’s blog than your own? The answer is simple: in the end you will get much more back yourself if you write a high quality piece.

Before you start writing, think of the reasons why you are guest blogging in the first place. Many bloggers use guest blogging solely to build a backlink to their site. That is a terrible mistake that won’t get you very far.

Here are some reasons why you are going to want to make sure you have a high quality guest post:

  1. Creates more exposure. You want a guest post that is going to get you a lot of attention. If you choose to put in half the effort you would in your own site, you won’t get too many shares in your social networks. You want people to read your post and say “Wow!” I measure the success of my posts by the number of comments and shares it receives. If I get at least 20 comments, 50 tweets or 30 likes, then I know people read and liked my post. Of course, each of them is a potential reader for my own blog or buyer for my products as well. Follow the previous articles written on the site and get a feel for what types of articles get the most traction.
  2. Generates better backlinks. When I worked as a professional guest blogger, my clients would generally set a criteria on the number of Alexa links a site must have before I would be allowed to post on it. Although the number of Alexa links to the main site is a good measure, you would also benefit from having a post other people are linking to as well. You are going to get much more SEO value out of a great post that other people are going to link through in their blogs, forums or social networking profiles. Your post can be informative, witty or thought-provoking. Just keep one thing in mind: it has to be linkworthy!
  3. Represents your brand. Remember, you shouldn’t focus purely on SEO. Some bloggers try doing guest posts and stuffing their article full of keywords. Their blog has almost no value whatsoever. Obviously, only a very low-quality blog would take such a post. However, you would be better off not posting at all. These posts are a reflection of your brand and reflect on your online reputation. You want to show the readers at the guest blog that you are dedicated to providing quality work and are competent enough to deliver.
  4. Establishes relationships with other bloggers. Building relationships with other bloggers is essential to building a killer online presence. If you show you are willing to put in the extra effort and get a piece their readers want to read, they may be willing to go out of their way to pay you back for it.

Guest blogging is hands down one of the absolute best ways to promote your blog. However, you will get out whatever you put into it. If you want to become a successful Internet entrepreneur, you will need to create exposure and create a powerful brand image.

I suggest you write great quality posts, make sure they are worth sharing in social networks and use solid SEO tactics whenever possible.

Editor’s Note: Also, make sure your posts are relevant! Don’t try to pitch a “where to find ticketing software” post to a blog that focuses on relationships. It won’t matter how great your post is if it’s for the wrong audience.

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