3 Ways to Make Money Blogging Without Banner Ads!

When creating a new web site or blog, one of the first things we all think about is how we can quickly monetize the site and start making a few dollars. How many times have times have you visit a site only to see a ton of empty 125×125 boxes that all say “Advertise Here“? It’s very unprofessional and doesn’t look nice at all… not to mention it doesn’t seem to be working either!

Monetizing a web site beyond banner ads is an excellent model to follow, and in this post we are going to cover three excellent ways you can make your web site or blog content more appealing, while also earning some money in the process.

Create a Service or Product Around Your Site

One of the best ways to monetize a web site is by building and promoting a product that is already related to your content. By having your own product or service, you are also going to be collecting 100% of the revenue and building a nice customer base, instead of sending your readers away to become customers for someone else and only receiving a small commission. Many search marketing and pay per click blogs will start out with a massive amount of content, then as they grow in readership overtime they will release their own software or membership services.

Your Readers are Coming to Your Site for You!

Since your site audience is already coming to your site to read about you have to say, you know there is a lot of value in what you have to offer. In addition to creating your own products or services, you can also offer high end services such as personal consulting, coaching and speaking at events and conferences. This is especially effective if you are already an authority in your niche. No matter the size of your blog, you should be creating at least a free download or guide that you can use to incentivize people to sign up for your mailing this. This way you can follow up with all of your readers on future releases and special blog posts that should be seen.

In Content Links and Affiliate Marketing

Lastly, since people are coming to your site to read your content, this is the best area for you to be engaging with them in different forms of advertising. If you are going to be recommending different products or services through your site, creating in content affiliate links is a great way to offer quality recommendations, while also getting a referral commission in the process.

If you have a site with a lot of traffic and not sure how to work with affiliate marketing or don’t want to manage your own advertising, there are plenty of contextual advertising networks out there. You can place a line of code on your web site and these networks will automatically serve up text link advertising with in your actual site content.

No Banners = Better Monetization

In the end, banners are a traditional way of advertising and unless you have an authority site and brand, it will be hard for you to make good money by placing banner ads all over your site. Be sure to take the time to look at your site’s business and revenue model and how you can improve your overall monetization.


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