3 Ways to Gain More Readers with an Email Campaign

If your blogs aren’t being read by as many people as you’d like, consider starting an email campaign to go along with them.

There are three parts to a compelling email campaign:

1. Create meaningful content

Sending an email without interesting content means you are just wasting your contacts’ time. Start out with a great subject line and then give them information that interests them. This should be easy since you have already written great blog posts. Give them teasers to the posts and then a link to your blog. This will help drive traffic.

2. Call to Action

After the contact has read the email, make sure they know what to do next, which is subscribing to your blog, of course! Make sure to include at least one call to action in every email.

3. Create a landing page

When you ask your contacts to subscribe to your blog, or potentially buy a product, make sure if they click the link it takes them to a landing page, not a generic home page. Don’t make it any harder than it needs to be. Eliminate confusion and accomplish your goals.

Email campaigns are a great way to get blogs read if your site isn’t pulling in large traffic. People check their emails first thing in the morning. If you write compelling enough subject lines you could be what they choose to read over coffee.

Have you ever tried using an email campaign to drive traffic to your blog? Has it worked?

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