3 Things You Do On Social Media That You’d Never Do In Real Life

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It’s no secret that most people have two personas: one for social media and one for real life interactions. On social media, we’re usually less inhibited with our actions, and sometimes we can even get a little creepy. Luckily, this creepiness isn’t on the record, and no one will ever know that you look through all your crush’s photos on a daily basis. Amen for that!

On the other end of the spectrum, we obviously have to function in real life, which means being way more conscious of our behaviors and actions. Sorry folks, in real life you can’t just hide behind the comfort of your computer screen. Check out the list below for the top three things people do on social media that they’d never actually do in real life!

1. Creeping On Your Crush

If you have a crush, the first thing you do is look them up on social media. Then, you pray that their profile is public, and if your prayers are answered, you go to town like a true stalker. Don’t even try to lie, you know you’ve spent a significant amount of time on your crush’s profile, and you might even make a little visit every day. What are they doing? Who are they with? What kind of vacations have they been on? What’s their family like?

If they knew you were creeping around their social media profile, they’d probably get a little freaked out and look you up on InstantCheckMate right away to make sure you’re not some psycho killer. The whole “crush” thing is quite different in real life, because you act totally different in person. You try to play it cool around your crush so that you don’t seem desperate. You’re not just gonna walk up to them and ask about every little detail of their life, right? Go ahead and play hard to get, but you know the second you get home, you’re headed straight for their profile.

2. (Over)sharing Every Aspect Of Your Life

We all know about the oversharers because they’re seriously the worst. We’re talking about those folks who think it’s appropriate to post status updates that are full of useless personal information that no one else actually cares about. There are tons of different types of oversharers. There’s the drama queen who loves to complain about life on a daily basis, the gym rats who find it necessary to let the world know every time they bench press something, and the food photogs who think it’s cool to post a photo of every meal they eat. Come on people, you know you would never exhibit these behaviors in real life. If you walked around telling random people how “horrible” your life is, or how awesome your gym sesh was, you’d obviously be the most annoying person in the world.

3. Checking In With Random Acquaintances

How many times have you found yourself lurking around the profiles of people you barely know just for the hell of it. I know I’m guilty of this one because when I see someone’s name in my news feed who I met at school or at a party, I’ll think, “Hmm I wonder what they’re up to?” So, I click on their name and boom, I get their entire life story on a silver platter of pics and posts. However, it’s highly unlikely that I’d ever think about this person and randomly call them up to chat and catch up since, honestly, we’re not actually friends in real life.

Can YOU think of any other social media behaviors that people wouldn’t exhibit in real life? Let us know in the comments!

Terralynn Howard is a blogger from San Francisco, CA. She specializes in writing about social media and how it has changed the way people communicate.

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