3 Long-Awaited Signs It’s Time For You To Finally Start A Blog

here's_your_signThe chances are many of you guys don’t have a blog of your own.

And that’s after you’ve read all these articles, that talk about countless benefits of running your own blog and entice you to launch one.

You’re well aware of the amazing lifestyle that famous bloggers have and you pretty much want this for yourself, and yet as of today you don’t have your own blog.

It’s just never “the right time”, huh?

You probably need a sign from the God (or the Universe, you name it) that the time has come.

Well, apparently I’m not the God, but beyond controversy I am the part of the Universe and I have three signs for you today:

Sign #1: You Know The Technical Side Of Things

“Domain name, hosting account, WordPress blog” – in case these words sound like jibber-jabber to you, there’s some learning ahead.

But if you’re well aware of how to register a domain name; how to purchase a hosting account and tie it with your domain name; how to setup WordPress blog and write your first post – I can’t understand what’s stopping you?

The only issue I see here is the decision of how to actually name your blog. And while being a proud owner of a blog with a super cool (arguably) name – “BloggerJet.com”, I feel competent enough to offer you my own guide to picking a name for your blog.

Those of you, who are not familiar with all this stuff, no worries. Just read the following few articles and the “Sign #1” will immediately apply to you.




Sign #2: You’re Passionate About Something

I’m very sorry for you if you aren’t. Life without passion is pointless and dull.

You may want to check this awesome TED talk by Ben Dunlap on living a passionate life or another cool TEDx talk by Scott Dinsmore on how to find and do work you love.

I guess many of you are into some 9to5 job that you hate and yet you have to do it for living. Well, starting a blog about your passions will be that very first tiny step towards your new life, where you are doing what you really love.

And you will be surprised how fast that blog can turn into a profitable business that pays the bills.

Think of what you’re interested in or perhaps what would you do if you had enough time and money and start blogging about this. I’m sure you have something to say.

Someday you will inevitably face the so-called “writers block”, but again we’ve got you covered on this one with a few cool articles:

Sign #3: You Have Time For Pointless Things

When was the last time you’ve watched TV?

Do you think people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or even Will Smith watch TV?

I guess they don’t have enough time to watch what other people do, because they’re too busy doing things that other people watch.

The truth is, you can’t be on both sides of the fence. You have to make a choice: spend your life doing things you love or waste your life loving things others do.

I’m not saying you should never spend time with your friends playing video games, all of us need to have a rest at times.

But I want you to focus your time and energy on doing things, rather than consuming them. Cause that TV show you’re watching proves you have more than enough time to do stuff that matters.

Back To You

So here they are. The three signs you should finally start your own blog.

Do they apply to you? Will you finally get yourself a personal blog after reading this?

I know the vast majority of people are lazy, but I sincerely hope there are many of you with a huge untapped potential that sits there for a very long time waiting to be released.

I want you to release it right now!

I want to see people in comments who have finally launched their blogs after reading this piece. Drop me a line and tell me the name of your newly launched blog, I’ll be honored to check it out!

Tim Soulo is a blogging experimenter and conversion junkie. Check his free email course if you want to grow the traffic of your blog or check his free online tool that will show you the most popular articles of any blog you put into it.

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