10 Blogging Obstacles and How to Overcome Them

7613795318_fa1f661329_nIn this Internet Era, entrepreneurs, writers, marketers, movers and shakers are taking to the all-powerful blogosphere in hopes of finding fortune.

Blogging is a great way to promote a product, share an opinion or keep an audience updated.

However, bloggers are constantly faced with a changing search engine landscape, the need to keep traffic flowing and a myriad of other issues.

Here’s a quick-list of the top 10 obstacles facing bloggers, and most importantly, how to overcome them.

#1: Keeping Up Consistency

It is very easy to start off strong when first launching a new blog –but within just a few short weeks, it’s easy to start slacking.  Then, bloggers get into a pattern of 3 posts one week, then 1 post on the next, and 4 the next week, and zilch the week after.  If you want to keep a readership happy and traffic flowing, then you need to maintain consistency as much as possible.

Solution: There are apps, like Hootsuite, that will allow you to schedule posts.  So rather than attempting to keep up ‘consistency’, simply write out posts for two weeks (or a month) at a time, and schedule them to fit your traffic flow.

#2: What to Post

Often times, we bloggers can stare at the computer screen for an hour, having not the slightest clue about what to write for the next post. This obstacle goes hand-in-hand with #1, for the simple fact that inconsistency can damage inspiration, and having no inspiration can damage consistency.

Solution: Again, find yourself a scheduling app (like the one mentioned above), and write out your posts and ideas as they come to you ahead of time.  If you have an idea, always write it down and save it for later.

#3: The Purposeless Blog

This is one of the most fundamental obstacles that bloggers often face, but not one of the more common.  Simply put, your blog needs to have a clear, concise direction and purpose. If it doesn’t, then your traffic will be weak and inconsistent (and advertisers will likely get finicky.)  In fact, Google Adsense will want to know the general purpose of your blog, which may be one deciding factor in your approval process.

Solution: Figure out the specific purpose and direction that your blog is going to take before you even begin. I stress: specific.  This will also help drive niche traffic.

#4: SEO?  What SEO?

Starting a blog is a lot like gardening: you reap what you sew. Because of the simple fact that it takes roughly 6-8 weeks for Google’s crawlers to even find your site, bloggers often see SEO as one of those unattainable goals that they’ll never reach.  The result?  Traffic remains low (until the blogger implements SEO).

Solution: Research SEO on a regular basis, figure out the best and most current SEO methods and DO NOT try to cheat the system (keyword stuffing, overusing meta-tags, etc.).  Example: if you are running a blog for a firm, such as the firm of Olshan Law, then you need to utilize keywords like ‘attorney’, ‘lawyer’, etc. Why? Because ranking in Google is better than finding a goldmine.

#5: No Quality.  No Traffic.

With Google and Facebook changing their algorithms, there is one trend that appears to be rather obvious: if bloggers aren’t producing quality content, then they get blacklisted (or they find themselves ranking #107th).  In addition, you’re probably attracting hits, but losing the real traffic that you truly want.  Why?  Well, people are finding initial interest in your blog, but upon discovering below-par content, they quickly navigate away from the page.

Solution: Never produce junk content, and always take care to avoid the appearance of spam.  Either hire freelance writers to help you with producing good content, or improve your writing and topics to provide thought-provoking, engaging content on your own.  The key is to attract readers, not just hits.

#6: Monitoring Social Media

If you are trying to actively run a blog, and you aren’t monitoring your social media networks, then there’s a good chance that you might be either missing opportunities or receiving bad press and not even realizing it. This issue can have dire consequences, especially in dealing with your blog’s credibility.

Solution:  In the blogosphere, there’s usually an app for that.  In this case, there’s a whole bunch. Download apps like TweetReach, Klout, Twazzup and Addictomatic to help you monitor those social network news feeds.  Don’t spend too much time scouring social media for feedback on your blog –that is a vortex, of which there is no escape. Use an app.

#7: Commenting on Post Responses

Bloggers often post an article, and then simply forget about it. However, there are real opportunities that you might be missing, especially because comments will help grow traffic and search engine ranking over time.

Solution:  If you don’t have time to comment on your blog’s post responses, then you might consider hiring a freelancer to comment on responses for you.

#8: Not Tracking Your Traffic In Google Analytics

All too often, bloggers have no idea where their traffic is coming from, how much traffic they are receiving and especially how long the traffic stays when it gets there.  The result is simple: opportunities missed, improvements neglected.

Solution: Simply use a Google Analytics account and start tracking. If you’re using Blogger (a Google service), then you already have traffic tracking enabled and ready to go.

#9:  Social Media Utilization

There are two ways to fail concerning how social media interacts with your blog. First, social media often goes unused.  Second, social media often goes overused. The first means that you should be more active on social media. The second means that you’re far too active on social media.

Solution: You need to maintain a presence on social media, especially with the recent Facebook algorithm changes before 2014. However, because people on social media are more sensitive to spam, you may want to keep your interaction consistent and only broadcast solid content.

#10:  Broke (When You Don’t Have to Be)

Again, with the gardening illustration, bloggers often look at their craft with little-to-no patience, and no expectation that they need to cultivate it. In most cases, professional bloggers don’t even make anything on their blogs until that 6-month mark.

Solution: Track your traffic. Be engaging. Use SEO.  Harness social media, and you will be making money with Google Adsense before you know it.  It just takes a little patience, and a little love, and you’ll see a bounty of cash-producing traffic in 6 months.

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About Katie Elizabeth

Katie Elizabeth is a freelance blogger & content coordinator. She's worked with many different companies like accredited online schools, alcohol rehab centers in Florida, real estate agencies, musicians and even plumbers! When she's not writing, she's probably at a concert or on a road trip! Circle her on Google+


  1. Social media has been key to my blog readership rising over the past 12 months.

    If you want to run a blog you should also dedicate time to building your social media networks.

  2. Hi Katie,

    You actually talked about some crucial problems and their solutions. I think keeping consistency and writing useful content are real problems for all bloggers. So I personally feel you should set up your daily time management in advance which helps you to work dedicatedly and come up with good work.

  3. Hi Katie,

    You really, really gotta bust your tail to make money with this blogging bit. 1 problem plaguing so many bloggers; they pussyfoot it, and expect to succeed.

    Ain’t gonna happen ;)

    Excellent points all around. Commit. Keep going until you crush all the obstacles that were blocking your success.

    Thanks for sharing Katie!

  4. Hello Katie,
    Interesting post indeed about the 10 obstacles bloggers face. And i must say that those tips you gave on how to counter it, are simply brilliant.
    I must confess that i don’t use hootsuit, what i do is, i schedule my post directly in my wordpress admin panel area and i feel that that is more secured :)
    I do get writers block sometime and what i do is leave my site and walk my streest or play with my son or my friends and before you know it, i am back with a lot of inspirations :)

    Thanks for the wonderful post and do have a lovely weekend start

  5. Blogging takes time to become a cash machine. Affiliate marketing works better than CPC. If you are starting out and have a few visitors, try to sell them a product. You will make more money that way

  6. The main takeaway that I got from this was to schedule and interact. I absolutely love scheduling tools, but only for consistency. I still interact in every way that I can through replying to comments, tweets, messages, emails, etc. Articles like this keep me motivated and on track. Thanks so much!

  7. OK, according to your predictions I should start seeing some pennies come February. Ha ha. Just kidding, but it sure would be nice!

    I find myself only able to post weekly. My niche involves intensive research. It usually takes me two days from the time I begin to test headlines, write/research/edit and put the final product on my site. I feel I have chosen a good niche. It’s important to what’s going on with the environment today. However, I don’t have the traffic I’d like. Are cyber travelers only following blogs about writing? I hope not or I’m dead in the water.

  8. Great post! The single biggest help for me was having a to-do app (or any other list app – I use Wunderlist) which is always on hand for me to write down any blog topic right when it comes to mind. I have a HUGE list of blog topics now, which just lets me pick the one I’m most interested in writing about.

  9. Here’s another advice: When you do feel you get nowhere blogging or you feel a loss of creativity go outside your house/apartment for a long walk or excersise at gym or jog. When you get back home you’re better focused and more creative.

    Just sitting at home trying to be productive when something is missing can be harder than not doing anything at all.

  10. These posts and tips are my lifeline to try and keep my blogging up to par with others. I am in a business that is extremely focused on online presence and I have been researching day in and day out to try and learn everything about blogging that I can. One of my biggest obstacles is consistency, so thanks for the blog automation tip!

  11. First of all I want say that your site looks neat and well organized :)
    I hate rewriting the articles & So I don’t copy other’s idea. I like the phrase what you have said, “write out your posts and ideas as they come to you ahead of time”. May be it takes some time to get the unique idea to write a post. By moulding and presenting the idea can only brings us success without fail.

  12. Hey Katie
    So may obstacles. We can only try to overcome then and do our best, right?
    As a blogger we have so many balls to juggle, but if we learn our craft correctly it should all come out well in the end!
    great post

  13. I’m so guilty of not checking my analytics, and what’s really bad is that I’ve been saying that I was going to do so ALL month. I’ve get to get act together!!

  14. Hi Katie,

    There is no doubt that I am slacking on the SEO of my blog, and it’s an on-going fix-up. I would add that finding the best and most unique images can also be a challenge. There is no lack of images, but finding the right one can take some time (sometimes too much time…lol).

  15. Hi, When i start my blogging career then i always fail to build a successful blog because of low quality article. SO i think quality article of a blog is the most important for a successful blogger and blog.

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