5 Tips For Mastering SEO

If you are looking for more exposure for your business or perhaps you are a freelancer and you want to find more work then you should try to establish a strong online presence.

The internet is a great place for finding new opportunities and online marketing can help you boost your business to new heights.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a quick and effective way of gaining more online visibility and here are five simple tips that can help you master it.

1. Study Basic Concepts

SEO can seem rather complex at times with many different ways of going about it. Therefore you would want to have a basic understanding of the key concepts so that you can make the most out of them.

Use online guides that provide a quick SEO glossary, for example. This can give you a good understanding of what the more in-depth guides are talking about once you delve deeper into SEO.

2. Learn To Blog

Although it isn’t absolutely necessary, blogging can be one of the most efficient ways of using SEO. Blogging allows you to publish fresh and regular content, use keywords, add images, and link to other websites. This makes it a really good tool in improving search engine ranking.

If you have a website then consider adding a small blog to it for SEO purposes. Providing content like this for people can really help you showcase your expertise and help boost your online visibility.

3. Become Active On The Internet

It also helps if you are active on the internet. This means both on different online forums that relate to your business and field of work, as well as on different social media websites.

Social media also gives you a good opportunity to test out the different SEO tricks you have learned so it is a good idea to start using SEO on these platforms first. Make sure you also ask for help and tips from different SEO experts on the internet.

4. Find The Right Tools

You should also know that there are many great tools that can help make using SEO a little bit easier. It is a good idea to take your time and learn a little bit more about them so you can select the ones that you think could help you the best.

Keep in mind that there are also plenty of bad tools out there and you don’t want to end up getting the wrong ones. Good SEO software usually allows the user to test the product before the final purchase. Bright Local’s software and tools could be a good starting point, for example.

5. Keep Developing Your Skills

SEO is also a practice that constantly evolves and changes. Therefore you cannot forget about it once you have understood the techniques currently in use. It is a good idea to keep developing your skills further to guarantee your practices are always up to scratch.

There are many good websites and blogs that you could follow in order to find out more. Check out this list on the Freelance Folder website. It contains quite a good selection of the best SEO blogs and websites.

About the author:

Rose is interested in learning all there is to know about online marketing. She is especially into search engine optimisation and loves to spend time reading different SEO blogs. She also likes to paint and would love to become better at it.

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  1. I like the focus on continual learning Rose. Be active. Be open to learning, tweaking and staying ahead of the game.

    Google changes things pronto;better be up to snuff if you want to get your SEO game down.


  2. If you now see SEO, it’s basically about creating useful content and promote them on various platforms so that your targeted audience can find you. It also helps you to acquire natural links and improve your SERP.

    So if you’re serious about SEO then first researching your market and find out what solution your target audience is looking for, then create a solution for them and promote your content where your audience generally spend time.

  3. Great points Rose, I really liked the point keep developing your skills and that is just what pushes someone towards perfection.Another point I would like to add is that we should build strong social accounts to get best S.E.O juice and traffic.

    Thanks for the share..

  4. SEO is easier to achieve today by writing naturally and in a conversational tone. Initially, SEO rules resulted in awkward articles that sounded stilted and machine-like. The key now is to entitle your piece to include words a reader will plug into a search engine when looking for the solution you provide. Use that word or phrase a few times throughout the text (as it would naturally appear in conversation) and you have a better chance of ranking with Google.

  5. If I have a website that I have already developed, can I add a blog to just one page of the website rather than making it a full hosted blog? Also, great advice on SEO, when I first started getting into SEO and trying to rank higher I had no idea how complex the entire thing is, and how there are SO many factors that go into making a good website. I really utilize your site and enjoy your posts.

  6. i think the most important thing is to have a blog which is very easy to navigate and user can get the required information very easily.

  7. Truly simple and interesting seo points, every point matters a lot. Learning first and implementing them next in our test blogs helps great in learning SEO very quickly. We need to have good knowledge about different tools used for back linking and ranking,

  8. Nice tips!
    Practically, the best way is to always read, follow the SEO updates from experts, and always suit your site(s) to them. Persistence and hard work is the key, and play under the Google’s rules. Everything like you described in these 5 tips.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Best regards,

  9. It’s hard to master SEO in 2014 mostly because google keep changing the terms. But the best tips from this page is to be active, if you’re not active and looking for what’s new you don’t know what has changed and how SEO works today.

    I keep reading on alot of places where you’re offered SEO tips that was relevant 3 or 4 years ago. That will just keep you on the wrong road costing you time and money.

    So stay active

  10. GREAT post indeed. You have to learn the basics first. I have seen people crying that they are not getting traffic but the main reason is that they just want to get traffic without doing anything. So first of all we should learn the basics

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