How to Dominate in a Saturated Niche

Could you Win at Social Media Monopoly?So you have a blog and you’ve chosen a topic that is being talked about all over the web. It’s important to be different but you also need to write about something you’re passionate about.

How do you make an impression with your blog when the competition is so high in that particular niche? This is when you really have to think outside the box.

Don’t Be Afraid of Humor

Some people are funny, some people aren’t, but everyone knows how to use a little snark once in a while. If you do so properly on your web, you’ll get some chuckles from your readers and this will immediately break the ice with them.

When they read through seemingly mundane ideas presented with humor, they are going to remember your blog out of all the others. Anytime you make someone laugh, you also have a much higher chance of having your post shared.

Whether you use humor or a little snark, the idea is just to catch the reader off guard. You don’t have to be Jerry Seinfeld funny to get their attention-you just need to help them see the similarities between themselves and you.

Make a Splash with Comparisons

The language you use to share information is also important. Presentation is everything and depending on your choice of presentation, someone could remember your post for quite some time.

Consider how teachers make impressions–it’s all in the delivery of the material, right? Present your content in a memorable way and don’t follow the typical crowd.

Are most of your blogging competitors writing text posts? Then, make a wacky video and use obvious humor or antics to share your thoughts.

Make a reverse slideshow and put it in opposite language. Tell your readers you’re going to say the opposite of what you mean (and make sure you clarify that on each slide.)

This can be a fun, thoughtful way that lets you put an entirely unique perspective on the niche material you’re sharing. Your readers will appreciate the originality and creativity you share with them as well.

Niche Content Can Be Detailed

When you set yourself up in a niche, you have a huge opportunity to help your readers from start to finish. That means, you can talk about purchasing the right supplies, setting up a work station, going through the completion process and sharing your end results.

Blog posts can be specific and you can set up a training of sorts, by posting each step on consecutive days. Many blogs might share the same information, but they’re not offering a step-by-step class that only requires the reader to read a post.

This is a way to bring a unique aspect both to reader interaction and online learning. Plus, you’re setting yourself up as an authority blog without having to advertise it as such.

Change Your Site Design

You know how you get the bug to rearrange your furniture once in a while? The same kind of refreshing result by switching up your website occasionally.

It’s very easy to make a quick video explaining to your readers where the buttons are located now and it shows that you’re trying to create an exciting space for them to hang out in.

They will see that you’re always on the lookout for fresh designs and will assume the same applies to the content you post. Fresh, new material draws in readers every time and does very well in social media sharing.

If you use these techniques, then it doesn’t matter how many competitors you have. You’ll always have something new and exciting to share with your readers and a fresh way to communicate.

Please share any thoughts you have below, as we love to hear from you!

About Dragan Palla

Dragan Palla is a Croatian blogger and founder of DomainsFlow where he shares his passion about writing and building an effective internet presence. WordPress Lover. Genesis developer. Get more from Dragan on Twitter and Google+.


  1. For ranking batter in saturated niche you must do something different from other’s post. Sometimes presentation of the content matters more than its quality as people can find information about the content from anywhere else as well but the one who presents it better will be the one hitting the Bull’s eye. However we should not compromise with the quality for the sake of presentation, we should take care of both. Your website design should also be innovative & impressive as this is the first thing attracts the readers to your website.

  2. hii…Great points to work over…for better saturated niche results..well the point I like more in it was not to afraid of humor.. because sometimes we restrict ourselves from doing all this.. as we think that could disturb the maturity level of the content..but it generally does not…because as we put some humor ..then that thing is somewhere connecting us with the reader…so we should use it smartly…and the presentation of content matters too…so for better results we should present the content in a good manner with the blend of humor too

    Thanks for sharing

    Keep Posting

  3. hii Dragon Palla, your article is fabulous …every blogger should read this to enhance his/her site’s position on google or online media..moreover your point about Niche content details is very important. it will definitely prove to be beneficial for us.
    by the way thanks for sharing

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Yes niche blogging is very powerful and it can make you stand out of the crowd and moreover establish you as an expert in your niche.

      Thanks Nitin, appreciate your comment.

  4. Well written article. I think the point that most people overlook is the use of humor in the articles. Not only in our blog, but using funny posts on facebook can do wonders in increasing readership. Facebook trolls and memes are so common these days and people love them. If you can put a smile on the people’s faces, they are surely going to remember you.
    Thanks and keep sharing such wonderful articles.

  5. Hi,

    ” blogging competitors writing text posts?” – seriously thinkable question , we have to present the content for user friendly with the use of keyword niche. This article really helps me to strong in my targeting niche.

    Thanks Dragan Palla for sharing such a great post in weblogbetter

  6. Very good points and think humor is a very effective tool at capturing attention. The one lesson I have learned is to make sure your hosting provider is rock solid. Downtime is a killer. Get the best, it’s worth it.

  7. Hey Dragan. It’s very difficult to understand what can make your blog successful and find a way to reach it.
    yes, you need to make it stand out. it must be different and unique, but how?

    content? any kind of article has been written and any kind of topic has been included in a blog. Design? ok, this can be made unique, with branding and rebranding your blog.

    what else, I suggest creating favourite sayings with your ideas, this is how I create my blogs.

    • Hi Jake,

      I like your idea about creating favourite sayings. This is something I should think about. Can you name one of your sayings?

      Thanks Jake for stopping by, I appreciate it.

  8. It is tricky in a flooded market to stand out. I also find myself trying different things to get to my readers. It is tough though and I appreciate your tips. There are some good ideas in there. I tried controversy a while back, then list posts, and also a video. There are lots of options for sure.

  9. I wanted to write on a niche but the niche is now a very popular. I was unsure where I should start it or not. But after reading your post I am so impressed that I have made my mind to start it in near future and the tips you left on here will be in particular a direction for me for all times. Thanks so much for writting such an article.

  10. Cool tips! The most difficult for me is the humor part. Knowing how to insert laughter appropriately without degrading the value of the content is often tough and is an art. I do agree with switching up the design which is my A/B testing is such a valuable tool for bloggers.

  11. I completely agree! Overall an article should be relevant, comprehensive and unique.

  12. Thanks Dragan for nice tips. Until last week i was too focussed on my content that i did not think of dominating my niche much.. But now i have decided to focus on moving up the ladder and your post has been a good startup.

  13. This is an excellent post !By adding a few humorous line in the post will make the visitor love the content or even share it with their friends on social networks .Thanks for sharing the information .


  14. Hi Dragan
    Really Nice Trick, by adding humorous line it is not only getting attention of readers but also getting more shares.

  15. Super informative thanks for the article. I am trying to rank and im just doing things differently hoping that it will work!

  16. Memorable contents leads one towards to dominate in any niche as contents are power and always considered as King. By changing the design of a website and making it familiar to your reader by introducing video is a great work for domination

  17. I’ve heard a number of times about targeting a more specific niche. It’s the first time I went through an idea to dig up step-by-step and get authoritative. That sounds great idea to hang on. Because not every blogger takes taking on it. Regrading changing web designs, I believe not to change them more often unless you are making them more usable, visually appealing or simplifying their navigation. Because regular visitors might find difficult to understand the new functioning. However whenever you do, make sure you help them. Inform them with a video, a blog post announcement or an option to go either for the old version or a new one.

  18. Hi Dragan,

    I think the main takeaway here is: if you want to dominate a saturated niche, you must differentiate yourself from the competition. If you want to differentiate yourself from the competition, you MUST NOT FOLLOW THE CROWD.
    This means to be constantly creative. Always come with new things and perspectives.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Have a wonderful day

  19. perfect writing…….useful information to share…..helps the new reader to gain knowledge about niche….

  20. I think working hard and following the best blogs on the niche is the way to go. You need to follow what other big players are doing and then formulate a marketing strategy based on that.

  21. I really loved this article. It helps me in clearing my concept now I am going to apply this info practically as well. Hope I will also become successful in dominating niches

  22. Nice blog Information shared, Thanks for the blog we really enjoyed the theme . Thanks to the author

  23. When you are talking about blogs, Content is most important factor because these days fresh and unique content is really important for ranking and visitors. If you have unique and fresh content then you need less effort to get more traffic..

  24. Nice article… thanks for sharing your views on such a nice topic…

  25. Very Cool tips, and Thanks to you for sharing this tips. well i always focus on only my content which is most important and thats fact Content should be unique and Original for your blog. so that you can get the ranking very easily in SERP…Well thanks again for this Tips …i will try…

  26. Going behind a saturated niche is not really a good idea but you can surely dominate the market with proper planning and strategies. But I would suggest one to stay away from saturated niches and try to explore more and more other untapped niches as there are thousands out there.

  27. Thanks for this thoughtful and informative post. I think it’s really important to develop a strong voice if you are writing within a highly competitive field. Developing a humorous, interesting voice will definitely help make your blog stand out and make readers more likely to check back for new posts.

  28. Amazing stuff man! I really liked the idea of post, and the way you described all the stuff in just a single post. I really loved the way you try to giveaway all the suggestions. Good Work!

  29. Great article. Although I don’t have a blog with written content right now, I am working on content for another blog I’d like to start next year so this gives me great ideas. Thanks!

  30. blogging has become a passion for too many people and almost every niche seems to be saturated now. but there always a place for unique content and presentation to succeed. no matter how much saturated your niche is, if you provide something out of the crowd to your readers, you will surely boom.

  31. Quality is obviously key. The better content that it contains and the more it has interesting relevant content can really help. Marketing could also be a way forward. Doing something to get yourself noticed that is just a little bit different.

  32. very nice & informative tips dragan, I like the whole article.

  33. We shouldn’t be afraid of humors and we should make comparisons on others. That will be a good choice for getting expertise in saturated niche.

  34. Hi Dragan,

    I like to use humor sometime on my post. I think it cuts out the mundane and boring post. The kind of post that bores me the most are the technical ones. Coz my brain slows down when it comes to technical. But when the writer puts a little bit of humor there, dabs with personal touch, it becomes much more fun to read.

    Funny videos are always great to include in your post and create a “punch” of the line after that. I haven’t use much videos on my post but I think I should from now on, since I started reading this. LOL

    Hmmm…never thought about the detailed content posting step-by-step on consecutive days. Great idea!

    Your design will definitely make a huge difference when blog. Because a crappy design makes your reader NOT trust you. So far, I’ve changed my design only a couple of times. If I see a new one out there that I like, I’m pretty sure I will update it again.

    Thanks for giving us terrific ideas how to stand out in a saturated market. Have a lovely week!!

    Til later,

    • Hi Angela,

      Great to see you here at WBB.

      Writing can be compared with speaking. When you listen some boring technical speech what grabs your attention? It’s how the speaker communicate with the audience. If he uses humor, personal experience… he is becoming interesting and that’s the KEY. The same goes with writing.

      Thanks Angela for stopping by, I appreciate it.

      • Same way with Pastors who just mention plain quotes in the bible. It’s like them reading it to us. So BORING!!! This type of sermon puts me to sleep FAST. And so the best speaker of all are the ones who tell STORIES in their speech. Then create a punch line at the end. Same way in blogging. I think telling stories works the best when it comes to this.

        • Telling stories is the most appealing way to attract someone’s attention and to transfer the message. That’s for sure both in speaking and writing.

          Now, not everyone is capable of doing this and it varies from person to person.

          Thanks Angela for sharing this. Have a great day.

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