5 Simple SEO Tips for Better Blogging


Search engine optimization, or SEO as it is more commonly called, is simply the process of setting up each post on your blog so that it will rank high enough in search engine results for potential visitors and readers to see it and hopefully click the link to visit your site.

In order to help you do this better, here are 5 simple SEO tips for better blogging.

Include a Relevant Image

We all know by now that post images — especially featured images — are particularly important.  The best way to catch a potential reader’s eye and get them to click through to your post, besides a catchy title, is with a great, high quality, relevant image.

There are many ways to find images, both paid and free, so there is no reason you can’t have an eye-popping picture featured on each and every post.  In fact, with the growth of Pinterest, your pic should be considered pin-worthy.  In addition, you should check out this post from Lisa Buben about the lasting power of Pinterest pins.

Create Internal Links

Assuming your blog is as finely focused on your niche as it should be, it stands to reason that you would have other posts on your site that are related in some way to the post you are currently writing.  That being said, you can boost your overall SEO strategy by linking to other posts on your blog within the body of your post.  For example, here is a post on this site about better blogging.

Keywords are Key

First, keyword density is important.  Google might penalize you in their search rankings if you over stuff your post with the same keyword.  Keeping your keyword density around 3-5% should keep you safe.  Second, it’s not enough to just have your keyword density correct.  Your meta description, post title, and post slug should all contain the keyword as well.

Set Up Google Authorship

With the recent changes to Google’s algorithms (again) and the strong growth (finally) of Google Plus, it is now more important than ever that you set up Google Authorship on every post to ensure you get the proper credit for your awesome, original content.  It’s a rather simple process to connect your blog to Google Plus and then link your post back to the social sharing site — especially if you use a plugin to help you out.  Here is a post on the benefits of Google Authorship in your SEO campaign.

Create High Quality Content

Last, but certainly not least, we all know that content is still king!  As with keyword stuffing, Google will also penalize your blog in their search rankings if you don’t follow other writing rules as well — namely, write your own original content and use your keywords in organic, natural, dynamics ways.  While you want to rank highly in search engines, your posts should still be written for human readership, which means it should flow and be easy to read.

Here is a neat little infographic if you want to find more simple steps to SEO.  What do you think about your own SEO strategy?  I would love to hear what steps you take on your own site in the comment section below.

About Tom Jamieson

My name is Tom and I write a personal blog at tomjamieson.com. I focus primarily on blogging, SEO, and social media. I also curate a WordPress niche blog at WPBig.com and officiate weddings through Siesta Weddings. Feel free to connect with me on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.


  1. Really a nice and helpful post….Creating internal links and keywords is most important of all…Thanks for sharing this information

  2. Hi Tom,

    Wonderful post and i like your Post, as we know That blogging is not easy and which is depend on your quality content and your topics to make much better. we should keep remember about it and which you have shared 5 tips really quietly helpful and i must use these tips ..i am thankful to you for sharing this Post.

  3. Hii
    Nice Tips Tom
    All the points you have mentioned are quite important and must to implement things…but i just want to ask about the frequent caching of the site..that how can it be achieved..???
    You can also include the site speed time also in your list…

    Thanks for sharing

    Keep Posting

  4. Yeah really simple but a must to do things for every blogger. its can be the difference between the failure and success of any blog.

    Thanks great sharing..!

  5. Hey Tom,
    Nice and interesting points you mention in your post. I think these are quite good points for blogging and especially for me as I am new in blogging. I think include relevant image is imp in my point of view because many bloggers are not include image as their content in post.

    Thanks Tom.

  6. Great tips Tom indeed!
    Though these are the simple tips but it affects on ranking and your authorship so these are the very essential tips for any blogging.
    By the way i got news that now Google updated there in depth articals.is it true?if true then give me details.thank you in advance.

  7. Great tips Tom,

    Those tips are not only good for SEO but increasing your CTR and conversions.

  8. Hi Tom,
    Useful tips for me , Relevant and unique images certainly boost up your content to many viewers. Also the fresh content with Keyword density. I have little bit confused and doubt here, If you have multiple Google+ account then, Google authorship is worth one?

  9. Inspite of internal link, some good backlink are really good for SEO. But backlink must from related niche !!

  10. Good article: Quality content is more important than ever and using google plus is now a necessity.

  11. Hi Tom ..nice to see you here at WeBlogBetter, You’ve said it all through this post !For internal linking and SEO there are some smart plugins available and the rest is up to the user of the plugins . Thanks for sharing these tips with us .


    • Hi Pramod, nice to see you as well. Kiesha has been very kind in letting me guest post here for over a year now! I can’t believe it has been that long already. And yes, there are some great, FREE plugins for internal linking and SEO, so I would certainly advise bloggers to take advantage of them. Thanks for adding your insight and have a great day!

  12. Algorithm of Google-ranking is being changed often. So it is essential to learn about that and new SEO technique to the businessman as like me. Si Jamieson, thanks a lot for sharing these valuable tips.

  13. Hello Tom
    These tips are really awesome. you have cleared ON page SEO completely.
    we all know that “Content is King” and “Keyword is Queen”. So we should insert keyword in article very smartly.
    But I want to ask one thing i.e what should be keyword density?
    because I have read many blogs, some says that keyword density should be 2-3 % or some says that it should be upto 2% and You told that it should be 3-5%.
    Which is true?

    • I think it really depends on who you talk to, but the overall point is that keyword stuffing is a good way to get yourself blacklisted.

    • That’s true, the estimates vary and some actually say do not go above 1%! Maybe the best advice is to make sure your keyword(s) is/are included while still being sensible and not excessive about it, and stop being afraid.

  14. Among all, Google authorship is the key to better blogging.

    Successful blogging is all about boosting your online visibility and branding. The more people recognize your face, the simple it becomes for you to improve your reach.

    Great tips :)

  15. Hi Tom,

    Really useful points, Google Authorship is now most important part for any blog. It just not help you to get better CTR but also gives your higher SERP (claimed by many people). However targeting right keywords is key for the success of any blog.

  16. Thanks for sharing the tips for better SEO. In addition to these 5 points, I also think that building backlinks helps in improving the SEO of our site. Be it by guest posting or by commenting on other blogs, backlinks play an important role in helping your site rank high. The points mentioned by you are also equally important.
    Thanks again and keep sharing.

  17. Hi Tom !!! These simple but very very effective tips by you. I am following all the things you have mentioned here. But I little bit confused about Interlinking.

    Can you tell what is the best to interlink the content, What should opted and what should be avoid while creating internal links ?

  18. hi Jamieson
    nice seo tips all points are very important for blogging. current time google authorship also help to increase traffic. thanks for sharing this informative post.

  19. Hello Tom,

    Amazing Article, and i am totally agree with you. ac.to me Your Tips are perfect to make successful blogging. and you hav good explained about the all these points. and even quality back link is matter for our blog.. well thanks for these tips and i must try….Thanks

  20. Fine set of tips. Well it is really simple to follow SEO and make it work on blog. Simply post quality content (useful for the audience) and share it to social media sites and friends to let it attain a good position on online world.

    Without SEO there is no chance of getting success in blogging arena. Thanks for the tips.

  21. Great ideas tom but you just gave on page seo tips. In the past i thought that just off page seo is important and can get more page views for you but now after many years when i establish my new blog with meta tags, description and labels etc then i see significant effects of traffic for my blog after posting. So now i don’t consider and no one should consider that on page seo does not effect much. So your tips will definitely help newbies

  22. Google Author Markship is very important these days in getting rank better than anyone in SERP. I have seen many results owned by links that are coming with authorship. Google is somehow promoting the Author Rank.

  23. Hi Tom,
    All these tips are proven and work when you take them seriously and work on them and that’s most bloggers lack due to the their inconsistency habit.

  24. Awesome article about the 5 Simple SEO Tips for Better Blogging, well Bro i am not professional blogger but sometimes i write it and one more thing i am going to start blogging in few days. as you have shared your tips really these tips will help me to make better blog .. so thanks for sharing your Experience..

  25. HI Tom,

    Informative Tips and i like your all tips, basically i always focus on your 5 point. i think if you wanna do perfect blogging the you will have to focus on your content. well your all tips are very helpful and sure will help me for better blogging. Thanks a lot for these tips and i must follow….

  26. Awesome tips!
    Setting up a Google Authorship is an important aspect for better SEO. It proves our identity of author for a blog. Further, creating inner links makes the SEO juice pass through all the pages and posts of a blog.

  27. Awesome post!
    In my opinion, Google Author Markship is considered one of the key points those days. It can help you to get a better rank on SERP. Very nice tool.
    Thanks for you valuable information.

    Stephan Wu

  28. awesome article TOM, infact fabulous job…you provided us the basic but necessary information about SEO which is quite necessary for every blogger. But i want you to explain Google Authorship Page..I cant get it..
    by the way thanks for sharing among us

  29. very nice write up Tom. I follow all the points mentioned in your post except setting up Google authorship kinda thing for the blog as I was not aware about the same. It is truly a different thing for me to go for Google authorship & claim for originality of your article, its great to link it to Google Plus to make the best use of it. I was very much sure of the thing that Google will come up with an update to indirectly/directly benefit its social network Google Plus. Thanks for the great share mate. Good Luck.

  30. Don’t forget to put an ‘ALT text’ with your keyword on that image:D

  31. Nice post i must say,it is very important to have google authorship is very important and a good meta description is goo too. It is not good to over flood your content with keywords got that advice in google forum. i love these tips

  32. Very nice information Tom.
    Keyword, Google Authorship and inter linking plays a great role ….
    Interlinking is the best way to decrease the bounce rate….
    Thanks :).

  33. i think more than keywords, key-phrases works more than them because people don’t exactly search for keyword as they do for key-phrases.

  34. Hey Tom, great to see you over here. I just had to re-do my authorship yesterday when I noticed that it was not appearing on a few search results. It really does make a difference, especially if you are connected via G+ to the person sharing. Then the keywords!! I am starting to use Long Tail Pro – for this very task
    Nice post

    • Hey Ashley, good to see you here too. As I mentioned in an earlier comment, Kiesha has been very kind to let me guest post here for over a year now, which is hard for me to believe it has been that long! Glad to hear you discovered the issue with your Google authorship and were able to get it resolved quickly. I have heard other bloggers are using LTP as well with good results. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  35. Internal linking is a wise method to get more traffic because when you link a KW with your other post person must click of that for checking what is on that page. Google Author Ship increase the value of the blog and blogger.

  36. Wel internal linking is the most critical part as it helps us in 3 ways.. First of all reducing bounce rate, secondly increasing traffic, and thirdly it improves our SEO..

  37. Hello Tom, your all tips are quite important and I am following most of them, and getting very good traffic on my blog, but unable to convert the traffic into quality traffic, most of visitors just comment VERY GOOD BLOG, NICE BLOG, GOOD WRITING KEEP IT UP with their links to get back links. So how can I enhance the quality of traffic?

  38. Hello Tom,
    nice to see such a wonderful tips regarding blogging..I will surely gonna work on it..thanks for sharing this post with us..One request from my side, please tell me more about Google Authorship.

  39. Keyword, Quality content, On page seo and internal linking are the basic things i do on my blog. I have not been taking advantage of Google Authorship. Thanks for sharing this article.

  40. The search engine optimization (SEO) is a way of promoting an online business by generating backlinks and increasing the number of visitors with the help of seo techniques. Theshared techniques are helpful source in this regard.

  41. Most of the peoples concentrate on external backlinks.But the internal link building also important as like external backlinks.

    Thanks for this awesome seo tips

  42. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for sharing tips that anyone new to blogging will appreciate. Keep up the great work!

    Stacie Walker
    Woman in Leadership Founder

  43. So much to learn… I’m taking things one step at a time. I get frustrated some times because I don’t dominate this aspect of blogging YET. Fortunately my content has been helping me a lot.

  44. Thanks for sharing this post with us. Optimizing blog post are most important, it helps to increase search engine ranking by which a blog can get good amount of search traffic which is very good for any blog. This is really an informative post and I enjoyed this reading.

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